6 Of The Best Dollar And Variety Stores To Shop In Toronto

6 Of The Best Dollar And Variety Stores To Shop In Toronto

If you live in Toronto, you most likely have a strong love affair with dollar and variety stores, because, real talk, living in the city isn’t getting any cheaper. Being able to find low cost kitchen supplies, cooking ingredients, cleaning supplies, and anything related to adulting, is a definite win. Not to mention, you’ll almost always leave with some strange, but wonderful odds and ends! After scouring the city with $1.00 signs on the mind, we compiled a list of dollar and variety stores that have just about anything you are looking for.

Check out 6 of the best dollar and variety stores in Toronto below, and hit up one of these locations the next time you need to pick up supplies.  


toronto dollar variety stores

The amount of things you can find at Dollarama is seriously amazing from makeup and kitchen utensils, to cleaning supplies and all seasonal decorations and party supplies. While there are many locations in Toronto, not all are created equal, as certain stores get limited products.


toronto dollar variety stores

Miniso, the Japanese-inspired lifestyle store, has opened up multiple locations across Canada, and we’re not mad about it. Carrying a wide range of products including health & beauty, stationary, electronics, and more, the retailer takes a low-cost, high quality approach with its product lines. You can find a snapshot of our favourite products from Miniso that are under $10 here, some highlights being face masks, makeup brushes, notebooks, and water bottles. 


toronto dollar variety stores

Oomomo is one of the latest Japanese dollar stores to open its doors to Canadians. While the GTA store is a little bit outside the downtown core at Don Mills & Lawrence, it’s definitely worth checking out. The retailer doesn’t sell anything over $12, and while its shelves are stocked with just about everything, it also carries the popular 100-yen Daiso line. 

Sanko Trading Co.

toronto dollar variety stores

There might be only one small location, but this little Japanese variety store is a favourite of many in the Queen West neighbourhood. Selling ceramics, cooking ingredients such as soy sauce, Japanese noodles and teas, lunch boxes, tea pots, and gifts, the store has a wide range of groceries to choose from. If you’re out in about by Trinity Bellwoods you won’t miss Sanko due to the super colourful mural on the side of the building.

Your Dollar Store With More

toronto dollar variety stores

Similar to Dollarama, you can expect to find the same range of products at Your Dollar Store With More. A quick search on Instagram will give you an idea of what the dollar store chain is offering: electronics, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, party supplies, as well as cheap gift cards. Your Dollar Store With More has multiple locations across the city so you’re bound to find one close to you.

Metro Paradise

toronto dollar variety stores

If you frequent the Yonge/Adelaide neighbourhood, Metro Paradise is a great store to check out! It essentially has every random item that Dollarama has, along with cheap clothing, such as hoodies, pants, and even skirts. The store even has a better selection of winter accessories like gloves and hats, when compared to other dollar stores. Check out the store’s Yelp page and you’ll see what I mean. 

Featured Image: Instagram/@oomomo_bc

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