Best Dollarama Stores in Toronto

Being Canada’s largest dollar store chain, Dollarama knows a thing or two about providing consumers with affordable knock-offs and a wide range of everyday products.
Best Dollarama Stores in Toronto

Being Canada’s largest dollar store chain, Dollarama knows a thing or two about providing consumers with affordable knock-offs and a wide range of everyday products. Dollarama is freakin’ awesome and there are endless reasons to love its offering but cheap prices can be distracting and not all stores are created equal.

To make sure your shopping excursion is a good one, we’ve talked about how to get the most bang for your buck, and ten things every Dollarama shopper should know, along with getting answers to these burning questions. Now to make it even more of a success, we’re rounding up the top Dollarama stores in the city.

With 25 locations in Toronto and the GTA, store cleanliness, size, accessibility, and organization can vary. Take a look at the best Dollarama stores in Toronto below:

Yorkville/Downtown Core (730 Yonge St)

Located on Yonge St, a hop and skip away from the Bloor/Danforth subway line, the Yorkville Dollarama is one of the larger stores in Toronto and therefore has one of the wider assortments. Along with your regular dollar store items like kitchen supplies, stationery, odds and ends etc., this location has a huge seasonal selection and one of the bigger candy sections filled with name-brand treats. Although, the Yorkville Dollarama does get busy so avoid shopping at peak times like 1 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm.

Fashion District (590 King St W)

Slightly tucked away and smaller than most stores, don’t be fooled by the size – this Dollarama is a hidden gem. The King W store boasts street parking and bike parking, and is perhaps one of the more cleanly sites, usually having well-stocked and organized shelves. Being in the trendy downtown district, it also offers one of the larger assortments of household products. We’d definitely shop this Dollarama location over the nearby Spadina store which is usually busier.

Parkdale (1337 Queen St W)

Having lived in the Parkdale area, I’ve frequented this Dollarama location the most in Toronto. Throughout my experience, I found this store to always be cleanly and well stalked during every visit. It has a one of the better stationary sections, a larger assortment of candy and is conveniently located steps away from a streetcar stop on Queen West.

Orfus Road Outlets (20 Orfus Rd)

Located within the Orfus Rd Outlets, this Dollarama is massive and has its own private parking lot out front. If you’re searching for a dollar store item, this store has it – from seasonal items to household products to craft supplies, to spices. The Orfus Road Dollarama was also recently renovated to have faster cashier lines, so that paired with the size allows this store to never feel overly busy.

St. Clair Place (21 Vaughan Rd)

Another giant, the Dollarama at St. Clair Place is one of the biggest locations in Toronto – it may even be the best stocked Dollarama in the city. The large space has a massive selection of home supplies and the shelves are always lined with all your other normal dollar store finds. While the location may not be as convenient to get to compared to some of the downtown locations, it does have private parking.

The Junction (2890 Dundas West)

Although this Dollarama is a smaller location, it has large windows that let in lots of natural light, as well as large, roomy aisles. Along with offering an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience, this Dollarama is clean and usually always well stocked. Compared to other locations it also tends to stay relatively less busy – shopping during weekdays and nights is guaranteed to be hassle-free.

Front Street (226 Front Street East)

Another spacious location, this East end Dollarama has an awesome collection of gifts, seasonal items, and home products. The store is at most times very clean, well-stocked and well-maintained, and is one of the aesthetically nicer looking locations. While it doesn’t have a private parking lot, there is a free parking at a nearby No Frills.

Who loves Dollarama and which Toronto store do you shop at most?