10 Things Every Dollarama Shopper Needs to Know

Dollarama can be a wonderful place for saving money – that is if you know how to shop the store correctly.
10 Things Every Dollarama Shopper Needs to Know

Dollarama can be a wonderful place for saving money – that is if you know how to shop the store correctly. Believe or not even though prices are almost always exclusively under $5.00 you can end up wasting money if you don’t have a plan. If you play your cards right and with a little inside knowledge, a trip to Dollarama can end up being a total score.

1. Bring a List

This is a major key to surviving your Dollarama shopping trip. There are so many shiny cheap things to buy that it’s easy to get carried away. Even though you might be thinking “Hey it’s just one dollar,” and keep grabbing things you don’t need it will add up quickly.  Using a list can help you stick to your budget and make sure that you aren’t buying those items you really don’t need.

2. Buy Household Cleaning Products 

Easily one of the best things to buy at Dollarama are household products. Sponges, tea towels, dish soap, detergent, cleaning supplies are all great buys. While some people suggest that Dollarama cleaning products are diluted, we’ve tried them out a bunch of times and it seems to be practically the same. Definitely worth it if you’re saving up to $3 per item.

3. Surprisingly, Kitchen Stuff is great at Dollarama

Spatulas, mixing bowls, colanders are all great finds at Dollarama. Believe it or not, the spice section is also fairly acceptable. Coarse seas salt, pepper grinders are all great deals at Dollarama.

4. Certain Food – Buy, Certain Food – Avoid!

If you are buying food at Dollarama there are definitely things you should buy, and big things you should avoid. Snacks like candy, chips, and chocolate are definitely a big win. If you are looking to buy Halloween candy we think it’s a good idea. The kids won’t know that it was you handing out the CaraMulk, Mr. Large, or Kit Kart candy bars…  The food to avoid – Canned meat. Just avoid it.


5. If The Deal is Too Good, Examine it Closely

Sometimes, the deal is just too good. Often if something is heavily discounted there is a reason. Make sure if you are getting a steal you take a second and think why. Maybe it’s cleaning products that were put in a now defunct packaging system (like electric spray bottles), or maybe it’s because the t-shirts that are marked size Large really fit an XS. Pay attention it can save you money.

6. Do Not Buy Medication or Supplements

Listen, when it comes to your health, saving money shouldn’t’ be your number one concerns. There have been reports that vitamins and Tylenol have been seen with dates that will expire shortly. Be careful and read labels.

7. Do Not Buy Electronic Products

Just don’t do it. It almost never works out.  The only electronics we would suggest you buy if any are cheap headphones (if you forget yours, and you just need some) and flashlights.

8. If you have to plan a Birthday Party, Dollarama is a Major Win!  

Why waste your money on expensive birthday supplies? Especially when you will throw 90% of the balloons, streamers, and confetti out once the party is over. Dollarama has almost everything you need to spice up a party and you can easily shave hundreds of dollars off your party budget.

9. Shop Early For Seasonal Product

Easily one of the best things you can buy at Dollarama are decorations and seasonal goods. However, the key to getting your hands on seasonal goods is shop early. The selection for Christmas decoration on December 22nd are hilariously sad…


10. Not Everything is a Great Deal

While cleaning household products are a great deal, there are things like school supplies which you can find at Walmart for cheaper (with brand names as well). The one golden rule is that just because it’s at a Dollarama doesn’t make it a good deal.

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