An Affordable Dutch Variety Store Is Opening In Ontario

An Affordable Dutch Variety Store Is Opening In Ontario

Canada can’t get enough of its variety stores. The country is teeming with old and new retailers focusing on affordable goods. From Japanese-inspired MINISO and Oomomo, to the Korean-inspired Mumuso, and of course, Canada’s own beloved dollar store, Dollarama, we have our pick of the crop to shop.

And now, Canada is getting the Dutch’s version of a value-based retailer.

HEMA Amsterdam, as it will be known in North America, will be opening across Ontario this year.

Known for its high-quality design and competitive pricing, the popular European retailer sells household goods, beauty products, clothing, and more. A quick peek at HEMA’s website reveals items priced as low as €1, which is equivalent to about $1.50 Canadian.

But instead of diving head first into Canada and taking missteps — like some retailers have done in the past — HEMA Amsterdam has partnered with Walmart to open shops-in-stores and standalone stores in larger Walmarts, similar to a partnership Walmart has with MINISO. According to a press release, the first stores will open this year, although, no locations have been revealed yet.

HEMA Amsterdam

As the brand gains traction, Retail-Insider says shoppers can expect a national rollout of HEMA Amsterdam as soon as 2020.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Canadians love a great deal, so it would be no surprise if Canadians loved HEMA too.

In addition, HEMA Amsterdam will be launching into the United States via Walmart’s online store, which will test the markets with housewares to start.

There aren’t any updates on whether or not Canada will receive HEMA Amsterdam’s full range of offerings, but we will keep you updated as more news arises. Until then, take a peek at all the hype behind HEMA below.


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