Inside Toronto’s New Japanese Lifestyle Store Where Everything Is Under $12

A new Japanese retailer has opened in Toronto! Oomomo Don Mills has almost everything you need. With products imported from Japan, each item is unique.
Inside Toronto's New Japanese Lifestyle Store Where Everything Is Under $12

With retailers like MUJI, Miniso, and Uniqlo on the rise, Torontonians can’t get enough of Japanese retailers. And luckily, there’s a new store in town that will give shoppers their fix.

Oomomo opened their doors at Don Mills and Lawrence earlier this month. The store is the second in Canada, while the first opened in Edmonton, Alberta just last year.

Despite only being on the market for a short period, Oomomo has seen massive success.

oomono don mills

Japanese for “a big peach,” a symbol of good fortune and luck, Oomomo sits at a whopping 13,000-square-feet. And there’s no doubt that you’ll have luck finding what you need here.

The retailer carries almost everything. From stationary and craft supplies, to beauty and health products, to kitchen and homewares, and of course, snacks, Oomomo is a haven of Japanese products.

From wall to wall, 95% of the products you’ll find in store are imported from Japan. While some items are made in China, the store’s owner, Mimi Lam, assures me that each and every product has passed Japan’s regulations and adheres to Japanese standards.

oomono don mills

When entering the store, shoppers are immediately immersed in Japanese culture.

Situated front and centre, shoppers are welcomed by Oomomo’s Japanese kitchenware section. Here, you’ll find everything from chopsticks and pots, to bowls and plates, to sake bottles and tempura baskets.

Mimi tells us that, so far, the Japanese kitchenware has been a big hit, attributed to its affordability. Each item in the section ranges between $2 and $6.50.

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Another popular section is the beauty and health department.

Shelves and racks are packed to the brim with hair accessories and extensions, beauty tools, makeup wipes, and more. Of course, popular Asian beauty products like false eyelashes, invisible eyelid tape, and sheet masks can be purchased here, too.

As we make our way through the aisles, Mimi points out one of Oomomo’s most popular beauty products: a hair mascara by SALON de PRO, which is used to cover up grey hairs.

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Other top sellers include Oomomo’s selection of slippers, which range between $2 and $5, and face masks. The latter of which comes in an array of different sizes, materials, and styles — something that’s harder to find in North American stores, but very popular in Asian cultures.

oomomo don mills

Oomomo prides themselves on their selection and price — nothing is over $12.

Two things that are guaranteed at Oomomo is choice and affordability. Most items are under the $5 mark, and any items in store that don’t have a price tag are just $2.

When it comes to options, Oomomo has plenty. Take, for example, another popular area of the store: the clothing storage section. Shoppers can choose from a wide variety of different styles and sizes, as well as vacuum or zipper sealed.


Making our way across the store, behind the kitchenwares section is Oomomo’s plastic storage area. “If you can’t find the storage you’re looking for here, I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere else,” Mimi laughs. And she’s not wrong. The entire back wall and adjacent displays are covered in plastic bins, containers, and trays of all sizes, colours, and design.

Near this area, you’ll also find utility items like screwdrivers, clamps, and measuring tape. There’s also an area for unique home decor.

oomomo don mills oomomo don mills

The other half of the store is arguably the most exciting…because that’s where shoppers will find all of the delicious food.

Colourful Japanese snacks fill the shelves. Chips, candy, Poppin’ Cookin’ sets, drinks, noodles, matcha, and more live here.

While some of the more popular items were sold out from the grand opening, Mimi assured us that all items across all departments are regularly restocked.

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Some items are only stocked until sold out, and then new items are brought in.

So, if you see something you like, it’s best to snatch it then and there, ’cause you never know if it’ll be back.

Japan’s affinity for food is dotted throughout the store, with some of the more popular stationary and craft items being food-related.

Collectible erasers shaped like bento boxes, sushi, fruit, vegetables, and desserts, as well as food-themed sticky notes are among the more popular stationary items.


Adjacent to Oomomo’s massive selection of carefully curated stationary are other fun Japanese-imported items like toy sets, piggybanks, and beach accessories.

The craft section is a DIYers dream come true.

Here, shoppers will find materials that can be used for scrapbooking, knitting, and gifting, as well as party supplies like banners and other decorations.

The final section of the store is where you’ll find pet and garden accessories.

oomomo oomomo

If you’re looking for quality, fun and unique Japanese items, you’ve gotta visit Oomomo.

While there are only two locations in Canada right now, Oomomo will be opening a second Ontario location in Markham next spring.

The retailer’s expansion plans don’t stop there. Two more locations — another in Edmonton and one in Vancouver — will open this December. While there are no set dates, Oomomo plans on opening 20 to 30 locations across Canada.

Until then, visit Oomomo at 896 Don Mills Rd.

Take a peek at more photos from inside Oomomo Don Mills below.

All images by StyleDemocracy.