7 Things You’re Better Off Buying At The Dollar Store

7 Things You’re Better Off Buying At The Dollar Store

Going into your local dollar store can be quite overwhelming due to it being so oversaturated with stuff. Shopping for a couple things can quickly result in your total at the front desk going a through the roof. We all know how easy it is to end up wasting time and money on things you’ll never use, or that won’t last. However, the dollar store can be a wonderful place for a variety of items. There are a lot of things you’re better off buying at the dollar store, whether it be for convenience or price.

We’ve put together a list of 7 things that you’re better off buying at the dollar store than anywhere else! 

Arts & Craft Supplies

things to buy dollar store

The dollar store offers a large section of arts and craft supplies. If you have an art project or just want to do something artsy and creative, you’re better off checking the dollar store before shopping for these supplies elsewhere. Art supplies can range in price and get to be quite expensive in traditional art supply stores. Unless you’re looking for professional grade art supplies, you’re better off buying things like acrylic paints, bristol board, canvases, and sketch books at your local dollar store. 

Office & School Supplies

things to buy dollar store

The dollar store is a great place to find affordable yet still cute office and school supplies. There’s a whole section dedicated to these supplies usually ranging from $1 – $4, which is a steal compared to other retailers. You can find a variety of stationary products from pens and pencils, to notebooks and binders, and just about everything in between at your local dollar store. 

Cleaning Supplies

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The dollar store is loaded with household cleaning products at a fraction of their usual cost. When shopping for cleaning supplies it’s definitely worth a trip to the dollar store to check if they have what you need first. They’re stacked with a variety of washing solutions as well as brooms, mops, rags, dish sponges and more.

Hair Accessories

things to buy dollar store

Any dollar store offers a variety of hair accessories. You’re better off grabbing your standard hair supplies at your local dollar store, especially the simple essentials like hair elastics, hair bands, bobby pins, hair clips even hair brushes and combs. 

Beauty Products

things to buy dollar store
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While most products at the dollar store are a great bargain, when it comes to makeup products, we wouldn’t recommend trusting the dollar store for all your beauty needs. However, there are some beauty essentials that you’re better off buying here than anywhere else! Nail files, nail polish remover, cotton pads, q-tips, chapstick and sometimes you can even find good brands of deodorant and shaving cream at the dollar store. 

Party Essentials

things to buy dollar store

The dollar store has pretty much anything you need when it comes to throwing a party or even being a guest at one. Some common party supplies you’re probably better off buying at the dollar store to avoid over-priced party stores are solo cups (in all different sizes and colours), party decorations like streamers, balloons, and signs. You can even find super cute wrapping paper and a large selection of fun greeting cards. 

Anything Travel Sized

things to buy dollar store

You’re better off getting your travel essentials at the dollar store because other retailers hike up the prices of these tiny products for no good reason. The dollar store offers a variety of travel sized essentials as well as travel sized containers in various forms like bottles, squeeze tubes, and spray bottles so you can simply just put your favourite full-sized product into a smaller container if you wish to do so, and you’re ready to go. 

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