How An Aerie Clearance Rack Dress Created The Ultimate Girl Gang

*At the time of publishing, the dress has sold out, but here are similar Aerie dresses that are super cute!*

If you grew up in the ’90s and the ’00s, you’re probably familiar with The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants, a coming-of-age story about four incredibly different best friends. All with different body shapes, backgrounds, interests, and family lives. One single pair of jeans fits them all perfectly, and kept them connected over a summer spent apart. This summer, I had my own sisterhood experience, only for me it involved an Aerie clearance rack dress.

This Aerie clearance dress has become super popular and it helped create a huge girl gang on Twitter!

I met one of my closest friends, Bri through Twitter, so it’s probably no surprise that we spend a lot of time chatting with others on Twitter too. 

When Jennifer from Vibrant Beauty posted about how much she loved the dress, and how much it empowered her to love her body, many women (Bri included!) said they were heading straight to the mall to pick one up for themselves.

This wasn’t an orchestrated campaign that Jennifer was apart of, it was a genuine tweet about how this dress helped her break the fashion “rules” and love herself, and her body. It resonated with many women, myself included. 

So, when Bri’s Aerie package arrived at her door, she sent me a photo of how amazing she looked in it. Once I saw how she looked, I knew I needed it too.

And I wasn’t the only one who had immediately gone out to buy the dress in one of four beautiful colours. Many other ladies started to share their photos on Twitter too.

When Jennifer tweeted about all the women who had purchased the dress, more joined the conversation. These ladies shared photos and gave amazing comments to those part of the thread.

Jennifer created the ultimate girl gang with a simple, but adorable, clearance rack dress. 

The dress, while it was available, went up to size XXL, but the sizing is a little roomy. I personally wear a size medium, but often go up to large in tighter fitting dresses to accommodate for my bottom half.

Aerie has been involved in the conversation too, chatting with us all on Twitter about how much it loves how we’re sharing the love, and promoting its #GetReal hashtag.

With Aerie’s campaign focused around real bodies and real women, the brand hit the social jackpot with Jennifer influencing so many women to purchase this dress.

It’s not just fellow bloggers who purchased the dress as another friend of mine bought the dress because she saw Bri wearing it, too. The influencer affect goes far beyond just one person when 10+ other bloggers are sharing about it too. And, the best part is the whole thing is authentic, and genuine. 

So, what about me? How did the dress work for me?

Well, I wore it for my engagement photos and I couldn’t be happier. Despite taking photos often, I am not always 100% confident in front of a camera. This dress made me feel like a rockstar, which meant I could focus on my fiance, and having a good time. And, I think that came out in the photos too.

This girl gang is open to anyone who’s looking for an amazing dress that makes them feel amazing, too. 

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