I Updated My Kitchen For $50 At A Japanese Dollar Store

I Updated My Kitchen For $50 At A Japanese Dollar Store

I’d been to Japanese dollar store Oomomo a few times, but I hadn’t bought much, other than a few craft supplies and treats. I was excited to see how far my $50 would go here to update my kitchen, and to my surprise, and excitement, most of the products in the store are only $2. There are some products priced upwards of $20 as well, so just make sure you’re looking for the price tag before you cash out. 

After taking a walk through Oomomo, I knew that I would get the most bang for my buck by updating my kitchen.

There was what seemed like an endless supply of kitchen gadgets, plates, and bowls, and other random kitchen accessories. I love cooking and baking, so I was stoked to get started!

One of the first things I gravitated towards was a canvas pop-up basket that I immediately wanted to put a plant in. However, my mom recently told me how she keeps all her baking supplies in a basket so that she can easily put things away.

That little tidbit had me heading over to the baking aisle to see what I could find!

updated kitchen dollar store

I love making cookies, so I picked up a couple of different rolling pins and a stamping device so I can put little words into the dough. I also grabbed a scraper, which is great for cutting cookie bars and a candy thermometer because I’ve burnt caramel one too many times.

Caramel isn’t the only thing that I’ve overcooked on occasion — my partner and I have been talking about the need for a meat thermometer for a while now. We’ve recently done a lot of BBq-ing, and there’s nothing worse than tearing your chicken apart to see if it’s cooked. We also love to host friends and make charcuterie and cheese boards, so I picked up this cute wooden board as well.

So far, everything I had picked up was $2, so I was barely halfway to the end goal! This was a major score after shopping at more expensive dollar stores for so long.

updated kitchen dollar store

My partner and I were huge fans of bento boxes in Japan and I’d always wanted to own one, so I did not hesitate to grab two adorable bento boxes from Oomomo’s large selection. I also grabbed some silicone muffin holders for putting snacks inside the box, or separating other types of food.

I’ve seen a trend online in using different types of boxes for snacks and also as bento boxes and there were a ton of them around the store that could also work for this sort of thing! Pro tip: I’ve also heard they’re great for keeping kids entertained on long flights.

updated kitchen dollar store

Finally, I had just a few more things on my list.

We’ve had this really cute tea pot for a long time, but no teacups to match. I wanted to find something that complemented the stone look, but wasn’t too matchy. I grabbed two really beautiful stone cups so we can have tea all the time! I also grabbed two bowls that I may end up DIYing later. 

Also, what’s a trip to a Japanese dollar store without grabbing a treat? I put some chocolates in one of the bowls for our guests to enjoy next time they are over. But, if I’m going to be completely honest with you, those chocolates are loooong gone.

Can you believe I got all this for less than $50?

updated kitchen dollar store

That’s right. I came UNDER budget. Not too shabby considering I got some pretty sweet stuff. With so many more international dollar stores opening, I can’t wait to see what the other dollar stores have to offer!

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