9 Classic Luxe Accessories You Can Get For Under $500

9 Classic Luxe Accessories You Can Get For Under $500

In a perfect world, being able to afford luxury items wouldn’t be such a struggle. But I guess you might say the whole appeal of designer clothes and accessories is how valuable they are. It isn’t an easy thing to drop hundreds — even thousands of dollars on a single item.

But if you’re still jonesing to add a designer item to your wardrobe, even if it’s just something small, the good news is that you can — and you can do it for under $500.

Prada Keychain, $452

prada heart keychain
Photo via Farfetch

Who wouldn’t want to flash the Prada logo every time they start their car, check their mail, or lock their front door? This item may be small, but that logo can be spotted a mile away. This keychain is timeless, classy, sophisticated, and it’s made in Italy. What’s not to love?

Gucci Belt, $420

gucci belt styledemocracy
Photo via SSENSE

Wearing a Gucci belt with any outfit is the ultimate symbol of luxury — plus they’re practical because they hold up your pants. This off-white and gold, Toscano leather belt is the perfect staple item to add to your wardrobe.

Chanel Earrings, $481

chanel vintage earrings styledemocracy
Photo via Farfetch

These brassy gold vintage Chanel earrings are not only adorable, but classic Chanel. The imperfections and antique-style of the earrings are what make them so unique, and you could pair them with just about any outfit.

Burberry Scarf, $435

burberry scarf styledemocracy
Photo via SSENSE

Burberry is the pioneer luxury brand of tartan. If someone spots that classic beige, black, white, and red plaid pattern, they just know it’s got to be Burberry. This timeless, silk, and wool Burberry scarf that will keep you toasty warm and tie together almost any outfit.

Prada Wallet, $470

prada wallet styledemocracy
Photo via SSENSE

This black, leather, quilted, bifold, Prada wallet is stylish and practical. It neatly stores your cards, cash, and coins, and also makes taking out your wallet to pay for things way more chic.

Alexander McQueen Sunglasses, $225

styledemocracy alexander mcqueen sunglasses
Photo via SSENSE

Black cat eye sunglasses are an absolute summertime must-have — they’re a shape and colour that never go out of style!

Versace Earrings, $395

versace coin earrings styledemocracy
Photo via SSENSE

The classic golden Versace Medusa head symbol hanging off both of your ears is exactly what you never knew you needed. The detail on these two droplet earrings, alone, are worth the cost. When it comes to Versace, you really can’t go wrong.

Fendi Card Case, $379

fendi card case styledemocracy
Photo via Nordstrom

Some people prefer something a little bit less bulky than a wallet — and that is where card cases really come in handy. But if you’re going to invest in a worthy one, Fendi is the only way to go. This pale pink Fendi card case has six slots as well as a small, main compartment for cash.

Givenchy Beanie, $385

givenchy beanie styledemocracy
Photo via Farfetch

This particular item is a lot more streetwear looking than most of Givenchy’s classic styles, but that’s what makes it such a hot commodity. Next time you’re having a bad hair day, cover it up with a cozy, embroidered Givenchy beanie.

Featured Image: Instagram/@therealreal

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