7 Canadian Swimsuit Brands To Keep On Your Radar For Summer

7 Canadian Swimsuit Brands To Keep On Your Radar For Summer

Swimwear is by far one of the hardest things to shop for — it’s right up there with jeans and bras. Finding the perfect swimsuit that is both trendy and economical is hard enough on its own. Add in finding one that’s of good quality and actually fits, well, that’s a whole other story.

Given that fast fashion has never been more popular, it’s imperative that we don’t leave Canadian brands in the dust. So, with that in mind, I’m proud to announce that all 7 brands in this list are based in the true North — strong and free.

Saltwater Collective

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Saltwater Collective is manufactured closest to home — right here in Toronto. The brand prioritizes the body-type and size of the everyday woman, catering to actually realistic figures. Saltwater’s swimsuits are made of high-quality fabrics that come in bold as well as unassuming colours. The bottom line is that this swimwear brand carries some of the trendiest yet practical bathing suits on the market!

Unika Swim

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Unika Swim has been taking the Canadian swimwear market by storm, right here from Toronto. The brand carries dozens of different styles for all kinds of body types; high-waisted, high-cut, strapless, the list goes on. Not only does Unika have a broad range of size-inclusive styles, but they’re all available in a ton of different colours. So whether you’re into bright reds and yellows, or nudes and neutrals, they’ve got it all. Although Unika’s pieces are a bit of a splurge, it’s definitely worth it — the quality is to die for.

Nora Swimwear

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Nora Swimwear is a size-inclusive swimwear line that is solely dedicated to making customers feel confident in what they’re wearing, no matter their body-type. Not only is Nora Swimwear proudly Canadian, trendy, and affordable, but the brand supports a very good cause. A portion of proceeds are donated to a bursary that supports women’s up-and-coming business endeavors. This company is all about girl power!

Selfish Swimwear

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Selfish Swimwear is geared towards the less modest with swimsuits being trendy, reasonably priced, alluring, and playful. These swimsuit designs are all about being sexy and in these cheeky looks, you’ll definitely be turning heads while you’re laying by the pool this summer.

Gattinan Swim

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Gattina is based out of Hamilton, Ontario, and is a swimwear line that’s known for the variety of timeless, classy, and neutral-colored bathing suits they offer. The best part about this company is how small they are. You can count on the fact that all of their pieces are made with great quality materials, precision, and care. These suits will definitely satisfy your inner chic minimalist!

Beth Richards

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Beth Richards is a Vancouver-based swimwear company started by designer, Beth Richards, hence the brand’s name. All of her designs are manufactured right here in Canada, and they’re made with the environment in mind! Beth Richards’ goal is to produce as little waste as possible, and some of its pieces are even made out of recycled materials. Expect to shop monochrome bikinis and one-pieces that are simple, yet still chic, as well as a few more extravagant looks if you’re looking for something a little more bold.

Anna Kosturova

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If you’re on the hunt for some true bohemian beachy vibes, look no further than Anna Kosturova. Based in Vancouver, this is the ideal swimwear line to bring out your inner hippie. This line is known for carrying high-quality crochet pieces — with a price point around $100-$130.

Featured Image: Instagram/@thesaltwatercollective

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