According To Pinterest, These Will Be The Biggest Fashion Trends This Summer

According To Pinterest, These Will Be The Biggest Fashion Trends This Summer

Pinterest just released its highly anticipated Summer 2024 Trend Report, highlighting what’s expected to be the hottest fashion, beauty, and home trends this summer, based on what Pinterest users are searching. With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time than now to start getting some fashion inspiration for the upcoming season! Spoiler alert: Maximal fashion is taking over. From Y3K fashion (yes, you read that right) to corporate chic, we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion trend predictions from Pinterest’s Summer Trend Report!

Corporate Chic

We hate to break it to you, but dressing business casual to the club is back. But this time, it’s way more chic—don’t fret. Corporate chic, geek chic, pinstriped pants, and vest and skirt were highlighted searches in what Pinterest is calling “corp-core.” With the latest “office siren” trend, we can’t say we’re too surprised!

Eclectic Jewellery

Eclectic, maximal, charmed, and chunky jewellery pieces are going to be a major styling theme this summer! We’ve already noticed eclectic jewellery is on the rise, and it’s only going to become more prominent. Whether it be with a variety of stacked necklaces and rings, cute charms on bracelets and bags, or a statement earring, eclectic jewellery in all shapes and forms is the moment.

Y3K Aesthetic 

Unlike Y2K fashion, which refers to past styles from the early 2000s, the Y3K aesthetic refers to the future—fashion that could be imagined for the 3000s. Pinterest highlighted silver sneakers and lime green outfits as popular searches related to the Y3K fashion trend. When we did our own Y3K Pinterest research, we saw tons of silver, futuristic eyewear, and an emphasis on technology.

Tomboy Styles

Labelled as “tomboy femme,” Pinterest predicts that cargo pants, oversized jerseys and baggy clothing will be big this summer. Avril Lavigne would be so proud!

New Silhouettes

Get ready to have some extra fun with your style this summer, because bold patterns and new silhouettes are on the way! Puff and bubble skirts, for example, are predicted to be a major trending silhouette this summer. If you’re not familiar with the fresh style, it’s essentially a skirt on the voluminous side that features a tucked-in hem – creating a bubble effect.

Rocker Chic

Corporate chic not your thing? Enter rocker chic. Pinterest users have been looking up terms like “alt baddie” and “rock and roll outfit” more and more lately, indicating that the rocker chic style will be amongst the trending fashion this summer. So dig out all the leather you own and get ready to embrace your inner rockstar (in the most not cringe, stylish way possible).

Source: Pinterest internal search data.

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