7 H&M Secrets Revealed By Former Employees

7 H&M Secrets Revealed By Former Employees

H&M is a store that we trust to supply us with all the latest trends, for any occasion, and all for a reasonable price. They’ve been around for long enough at this point, that we couldn’t imagine they would be harbouring any secrets. However, thanks to some former employees, we were able to get the scoop on everything that we loyal, longtime H&M customers should know about.

Get all the dirt on what really goes on behind the scenes at H&M with these 7 secrets revealed!

H&M Will Accept All Your Used Clothes That You Are Willing To Part Ways With, And Will Reward You With A Discount

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This isn’t exactly a secret per-se, since they do advertise it in-store. However, this nifty tip sometimes gets swept under the rug. If you’ve been accumulating old clothes that you’re willing to donate, you can bring them to your nearest H&M location, and they will gladly take them off your hands. Not only are you de-cluttering but they’ll also reward you for a 15% discount that you can use to shop at any H&M store across the country, and even apply to items that are already on sale. Best of all, you can rest assured knowing your donation will be put towards social and recycling projects.

All Sizes Run Small

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If you’ve ever tried on what you thought was your size at H&M, but found it was fitting a bit more snug than you’re used to, don’t fret. H&M sizes are all made marginally smaller than the standard sizes you might be used to. For example, if you typically wear a size 6 in most stores, opt for a size 8 or even a 10 at H&M.

The Store Is At Its Tidiest Before Noon

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H&M has a bad reputation for being somewhat of a hot messespecially during their busy seasons. It can be quite a mission to find anything you’re looking  for when everything is so disorganized. However, this is one of those instances where the early bird gets the worm, because if you show up anytime before noon, the store will be looking pristine—which makes shopping a lot less stressful.

Basics Sell Out The Quickest

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H&M is the ultimate spot to pick up your basic t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, and other comfy essentials—but here’s the catch: they sell out fast. Former employees recommend that you pick up your basics haul-style to save you from not being able to find the styles or sizes you want later.

There Is No “Extra” Stock In The Back


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Being asked to “check in the back” for a particular item in a different size is something that retail workers know all too well. Unfortunately, H&M doesn’t have a secret stash of extra sizes in the back room for every item in the store—in fact, most stores don’t.

Markdowns Happen Every Few Weeks

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This usually happens with items that don’t seem to be selling as quickly as anticipated so big sale pushes happen at the end of every season, when they’re trying to clear out last season’s leftovers to make way for new collections. No matter how much an item is marked down, you are still able to combine it with the discount you receive for donating used clothes. So, if an item is 50% off, and you also have a 15% off card, you can combine the two for a whopping 65% off.

New Items Are Always Featured On The H&M Website Before They Appear In-Store

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If you are really trying to get ahead of the game on new arrivals, always shop online before heading in-store—that’s where you’ll find brand new styles that won’t be hitting the shelves for another three weeks.

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