8 Retailers That Reward You For Your Old Clothes & Empties

8 Retailers That Reward You For Your Old Clothes & Empties

Parting ways with your belongings can be a tall order but eventually, it becomes necessary. If you ever take a look at your closet and realize that you don’t wear half the stuff in there, it may be time to do a good old fashioned purge. 

If this is reminding you of what your closet or beauty shelfie is starting to look like, then why not start the spring cleaning early? To make things a bit easier, some of the stores that we know and love are offering some incentives, too!

Here are 8 retailers that will reward you for your old clothes, and empty containers to be recycled.


rewards for old clothes

While H&M is a great spot to pick up new clothes, it’s also the place to bring your old clothes. Drop off any used clothing, bedding, or towels that you don’t want anymore, and H&M will give you a coupon for 15% off of your next purchase.

American Eagle

rewards for old clothes

American Eagle has gone green, and decided to combat landfills by encouraging customers to recycle their old threads. Drop off any of your old shoes or clothes and receive $5 off any American Eagle jeans.


rewards for old clothes

Cleaning out your wardrobe and deciding which items are worth keeping and which ones you’re ready to get rid of is a task that none of us actually enjoy doing. Not to mention lugging the items to the nearest donation spot. Levi’s is making this daunting errand slightly easier. Simply pack up the old jeans and drop them off at your nearest post office using the prepaid shipping label. Levi’s will donate your used items to Goodwill and in return, reward you with 20% off your next purchase.

The North Face

rewards for old clothes

Living in Canada, our winter jackets work extremely hard. They have to face  harsh elements for nearly 8 months of the year, and sometimes, we just might need a new one for the following year. As a result, we end up hoarding our older winter jackets “just in case.” Instead of letting those salt-stained, worn-out parkas take up unnecessary space in your closet, donate them to The North Face and get $10 off your next purchase of $100 or more. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but hey, it’s better than no discount, right?


rewards for old clothes

Patagonia accepts used, functioning, Patagonia garments only. Although they’re a bit more specific about the used items they are willing to accept, they will reward you accordingly. Depending on the worthiness of the items you choose to donate, you can be given up to $100 off your next purchase.


rewards for old clothes

While these next few stores won’t take your old clothes, they will take your old, empty product containers. If you use a lot of Kiehl’s products, then you probably know how easy it is to accumulate dozens of empty containers. For every empty full-sized container that you bring back to the store you will be given a stamp, and once you’ve reached 12 stamps, Kiehl’s will give you a free travel sized product.

MAC Cosmetics

rewards for old clothes

Accumulating 6 empty MAC Cosmetics containers will probably be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done, since you probably already have a few almost-empty ones sitting in your makeup bag right now. Once you do, bring them into any MAC store and you’ll be given a free lipstick of your choice!

Lush Cosmetics

rewards for old products

If you’ve ever shopped at Lush before, you know that it’s shockingly easy to walk in and walk out with half your bank account gone. The sales people there are so friendly and insanely good at their jobs but next time you walk in, bring back 5 empty plastic pots and you can walk out with a free face mask!

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