7 Useful Ways To Recycle Your Old Clothes In Toronto

Whatever you do, don’t throw your old clothes away! Skip the dumpster and check out these useful ways to recycle your old clothes.
7 Useful Ways To Recycle Your Old Clothes In Toronto

Even if you feel like you have nothing to wear, the reality is that most of our closets are jammed full with clothes!

The majority of what we own, sadly, rarely sees the light of day, and while you could let it hang there and gather dust, or get caught up in the KonMari method and recycle it. Whatever you do, just don’t throw it away! That dress, or t-shirt could be repurposed, donated, traded, or recycled — you could even get rewarded in the process with money off your next purchase. Recycling isn’t only good for the planet, it’s also good for your wardrobe and wallet, too.

Skip the dumpster and take a look at 7 ways to recycle your old clothes.

Use this Toronto-based used clothing pickup service


If you’re the type of person who likes the idea of recycling your clothes at consignment and secondhand stores but hates the process, there’s now a Toronto service for you. Effortless, a free pickup service, will come directly to your humble abode, take your old clothing, and then sell it for you in their online shop. You’ll reap 50% of the profit and be kind to the planet without even lifting a finger.

Bring used apparel and shoes to the North Face for a $10 reward


Being an outdoor apparel company, it totally makes sense that The North Face has its own in-store recycling program. Titled Clothes the Loop, consumers can bring in clothing and footwear of any brand and receive a $10 reward towards a $100 purchase. Just drop your old items off at one of the designated bins.

Upcycle old clothing into something entirely new


Upcycling old clothes into something entirely new like this cute rug made of old t-shirts can be a fun and easy DIY project. You can also try other simple upcycles like this headband, or simply use old t-shirts or cotton shorts as rags.

Drop off lightly worn duds at any H&M store for a voucher


Another fast fashion company who has a great in-store recycling program is H&M. Similar to The North Face, you can drop of clothing of any brand, but also in any condition! It doesn’t matter if it’s extremely worn or torn, H&M will take it in one their garment collecting boxes that are housed in every single store. In return, you’ll get a voucher towards your next purchase.

Sell garments you no longer wear on a second hand app


In case you need some reminding, there are a ton of apps and websites that make it relatively easy to sell your old clothing. Carousell is perhaps one of the most popular, and we’ve actually tried it before and found success. Facebook groups are always a good bet, too, since you can keep things local and don’t need to worry about shipping.  

Try trading lightly worn and stylish items on Bunz Trading Zone


Another online community that could give your old clothes purpose is Bunz Trading Zone. If you’re based in the GTA, it never hurts to post some of the more stylish or novelty garments you want to dispose of, and possibly get something you need in return. Rather than getting cash and accidentally spending it on something you shouldn’t, trade for something useful.  

You can also take your clothes to American Eagle to be recycled

American Eagle

American Eagle teamed up with I:COLLECT (I:CO) back in 2014 to initiate an in-store recycling program. You can drop off unwanted clothes, textiles, and shoes in one of the I:CO marked donation boxes and then receive a code via text for $5 off a pair of jeans. The only catch is that it has to be used in-store on the same day, so it may be best to wait until you’re in need of new denim.

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