The Best Resale Websites to Shop Secondhand Right Now

Cash in and save – take a look at the best resale websites and apps to shop secondhand right now.
The Best Resale Websites to Shop Secondhand Right Now

If you’re looking to buy or sell used clothing, you’re in luck because the secondhand market is booming. With traditional retail stores dropping like flies, it’s opened up a chance for the resale market to grow, and people have been noticing.

There’s a whole slew of resale websites that have popped up in the last few years, some of which like Depop, are even opening up their own brick and mortar stores. Cash in and save – take a look at the best resale websites and apps to shop secondhand right now.


What originally started as a social network where reader’s of PIG Magazine could buy and sell things, quickly caught on and grew into a global selling space. Not only is it a great place to score second hand, but it’s also a marketplace for designers and artists.

The RealReal

The RealReal is hands down the best online place to sell or buy luxury items. They carry all the big name designers and every item has been authenticated before it’s put up for sale. While it works on a membership basis, meaning you need an account to shop or consign, it’s totally worth it!


thredUp might be the world’s largest online thrift store with over 30,000 different brands like J.Crew, Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and more for women, kids, and teens. Better yet, the discounts get as deep as 90% off, so it’s definitely the right place to look if you’re searching for a bargain.


Poshmark is another massive online marketplace for buying and selling used clothing, including big named designers like Gucci and Burberry. But, what’s most enticing about the site is the fact that they offer prepaid shipping labels. *Disclaimer: be wary of fakes


Carousell is free to join and boasts ease, claiming it only takes 30 seconds to post an item. Simply snap a photo and upload to the app to start selling. Being one of the OG’s when it comes to resale sites, we put the app to the test and made $800 in two weeks.

Facebook Marketplace

While Facebook is privy to all the happenings in the online community, it only makes sense that they would follow suit with their own Marketplace. Different than your typical resale groups like Shop My Closet, for example, you don’t need to be added or join; you can simply post something and have it advertised for free to a massive audience.


When it comes to selling and buying luxury brands, Tradesy is right up there with Poshmark. The community boasts up to 70% off designer and even offers $25 off your first purchase. Better yet, they provide prepaid shipping labels to sellers, as well.

If you know any other resale websites, make sure to share with us in the comment section.

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