How To Make Money While Online Shopping

Forget about about spending money with nothing in return. With these sites, you earn when you spend, making online shopping that much more enjoyable.
How To Make Money While Online Shopping

‘Tis the season for online shopping!

With the holidays on our heels and malls getting busier by the day, shopping online can be a serious saving grace. Rather than braving the busy crowds, loud music, and pushy shoppers, you can shop cuddled up on the comfort of your couch. And did you know that with a few handy websites, you can actually get cash back when you shop online?

That’s right. Forget about about spending money with nothing in return. With these sites, you earn when you spend, making online shopping that much more enjoyable. Plus, they’re all free to sign up for or download. It may sound too good to be true, but there’s no hidden costs for these sites.

Take a look at how to get cash back online shopping!


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Ebates is a cash-back shopping site that’s partnered with 750+ stores on their Canadian site, ranging from ASOS to Lancôme to Amazon. They offer up to 40% cash back, so you can shop at your most-loved stores with the benefit of getting paid to shop.

All you have to do is follow the links on their site, and once you make a purchase, money is added to your account depending on the percent the store offers to Ebates customers. Every quarter, you get your earnings through cheque or Paypal payment. Easy as that!

cash back online shopping
Instagram/@shopcom is one of the best ways to get paid for shopping you’re already doing anyways. Similar to Ebates, they’re partnered with thousands of your favourite stores — like H&M, Indigo, Expedia and Groupon — to give you cash back (between 2% to 55%) when you shop online. You can redeem your rewards anytime it goes above $9.99 USD, and it’s deposited directly into your bank account.

Along with cash back, they also offer other cool features such as comparison shopping (search anything in their search tab and see what store sells it at the lowest price), gift registries, price alerts, and e-gifts (you can email a list of items to the giftee, they choose one, you get the bill, and the item is sent directly to them!).

Oh, and if you sign up for a cash-back account, make sure you download Shop Buddy, a handy widget that “follows you” while you do all your online shopping. Since they’re partnered with so many stores, it’s pretty much impossible to remember them all.

Let’s say you go to, and you didn’t know it was a partner store. Shop Buddy will pop up and remind you to sign in to your account so you get your reward! It also shows you a list of all the deals around the web, so you never miss out on getting the best price for all your online shopping.

Honey Chrome Extension

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If you’re a die hard online shopper, you know how frustrating it can be to try to find coupon codes around the web. Not to mention, the ones you do find may be expired when you go to use them.

The Honey Chrome extension takes out all the guesswork, so you never have to search for a code again. Install it to your Chrome browser and shop like you normally would online, letting the extension do all the work.

With the Honey Chrome extension, the best, most relevant code is automatically applied to your shopping cart, ensuring you get the best deal out there! Save at thousands of stores, from clothes to pizza, and allow the Honey Chrome extension to do the coupon-hunting for you. 

From free shipping to little-known family and friend discounts, Honey finds them all! So, while you’re not actually making money, you are saving money.

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