The Best Things To Buy Every Month Of The Year

Take a look at how to maximize your savings this year by buying your favourite items at prime times.
The Best Things To Buy Every Month Of The Year

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to save more money this year? The best way to save is to plan ahead! Take a look at how to maximize your savings this year by buying your favourite items at prime times.

Here’s a guide to the best things to buy every month of the year.


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Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment often goes on sale in January since retailers are very aware of people’s New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and fit. 


January is one of the best months to buy new linens as white sales are a tradition the first month of the year.


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Winter apparel

With the winter coming to an end, in February you’ll find that seasonal apparel is discounted as retailers are getting their shelves ready for spring apparel. Canadian winters last at least another month, so it’s the perfect time to take advantages of the sales!


TVs are also known to go on sale in February, so if you need a new Netflix player, now is the time to buy.


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Tax software

With tax day coming up at the end of April, you can find discounted tax software and tax-prep items in March to prepare for busy tax season.


Have any trips planned this year? March is the time to buy luggage since it goes on sale due to spring break and people traveling south to get out of the cold.


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Summer air travel

April is the prime time to get your hands on discounted summer air travel. If you plan to take a trip this summer, wait until April to get the best deals!


April is also the first full month of spring, which means items like vacuums and other household cleaning items get discounted with spring cleaning sales!


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Big appliances like refrigerators usually go on sale in May in preparation of new models being released come summertime.


By the end of April, new mattress models have typically hit the stores, which means you can score deals on an older model.


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Gym memberships

If you’re looking to get a new gym membership, June may be the best month to do so. Since many people opt to work out outside in the summer, you’ll find gyms giving discounts to drive up their sales.


Victoria’s Secret holds their semi-annual sale in June, so it’s a good month to stock up on your lingerie!


best thing to buy

Summer apparel

Summer apparel clearance sales start happening in July since retailers start bringing their fall collections out in August. Plan ahead for next year or any warm winter travels you have in the books!

Home decor and furniture

New furniture models are usually released in August, so you can get your hands on discounted last season items in July. As the season changes to fall, you’ll also find “summer” home decor items going on sale.


best thing to buy


With August being the final month of summer, swimsuits always go on sale. Stock up for next summer now, you’ll be so happy you did!

Laptops, computers and office supplies

You don’t have to be going back to school to take advantage of the awesome sales on laptops, computers and office supplies that happen in August!


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Apple products

New Apple products (especially iPhones) are known to be released in September. Although you may not get a discount on the new products, many retailers are looking to offer deals to make the sale. Plus, current items drop in price, so if you’re good with an older model, get your hands on one in September.


Denim is a quintessential fall staple, and with so many retailers launching denim for fall, many put their denim on sale in September to stay ahead of the game.


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Patio furniture

Patio season is coming to a close, so naturally, patio furniture is discounted. If your patio needs some love, outfit it in October.

Off-season travel

October is one of the cheapest times to travel because it’s the off-season. If you’re in need of a getaway and are on a budget, travel in October!


best thing to buy

Electronics and big ticket items

You know what November means. That’s right, Black Friday, the biggest sale of the year. If you’re in the market for new electronics or other big ticket items, wait until Black Friday deals to make your purchases.

Halloween costumes, candy and decorations

Post-Halloween you can get all your spooky goodies for next year. Except for the candy. Eat the candy now.


Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, holiday cards, etc.

Everything from Christmas decorations to trees to wrapping paper drops in price on December 24.

Treat yourself on boxing day

On Boxing Day, retailers offer deals on everything from apparel and furniture to shoes and cameras. If you’ve had your eye on something for yourself after the busy gifting season of December, Boxing Day is your day!

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