I Tried Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie at Toronto’s new Knix store

I Tried Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie at Toronto's new Knix store

When I first discovered Knix way back in 2013, it was just a Kickstarter campaign being shared by some pals. A lot has changed in 6 years for the Toronto-based brand, and its founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths. Not only has the company grown considerably expanding from its original Knix product — the 8-in-1 Evolution bra, a hybrid every day/active bra — but it has since launched a teen line, swimwear and now, a permanent retail store on Queen Street West. 

For those who have ever been hesitant to order online, or perhaps never been able to make it to a Knix pop-up shop, this space offers a warm, welcoming and inclusive shopping experience for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

plus size lingerie

Already a big fan of Knix, I was excited to go into the store and check out some of the new products that Knix was offering now that the brand has a physical location.

What could someone expect when they went to the Queen Knix location, and as a plus-size individual did everything fit me?  

The store is a pastel dream, and on the racks and just about everything you would find on the website: bras, sport bras, loungewear and more. I decided to get my hands on some new-to-me items and head into the dressing room, where I was paired up with my own personal fitter named Hilary. The change rooms were super cozy and didn’t feel claustrophobic like most change rooms. Bonus: they had the perfect mirror with good lighting for selfies. 

Outfit 1:

Evolution Tank in Sweet Fig, $68

Lounge Pant in Black, $65

Both of these items were new to me, and I thought it would be great to try them on. The lounge pants were super soft, and dreamy. They felt like a hybrid between sweat pants and yoga pants, and quite frankly the best thing I had ever tried on. The Evolution Tank was a bit of a different feeling, however. Since it has a bra built-in, it was a bit snug to put on. Hilary explained that this was normal, but to be honest, it was not the most comfortable feeling. I didn’t want to risk keeping the tank and attempting to “break” it in. It did, however, the tank did provide great support. So if you do feel comfortable with this, I would recommend. I tried on the XXL (which fits a 40DD) and it was totally fine!

Outfit 2:

plus size lingerie

Padded V-Neck Bra in Twilight Magnolia, $68

Evolution Bra in Plum Velvet, $68 

For December, the brand released some brand new colours and prints in their classic bras. I have always been a huge fan of the Evolution Bra, so I decided to try it on in the plum velvet colour, to see what it was like. I tried on the 8+ with an extended (my normal bra size is 40DD) and the bra fit, however, I did notice some issues. For starters, I seemed to be rock a little bit too much sideboob (as pictured) and the bottom of the bra kept rolling up. According to the Knix blog, this means I should go up a size, but unfortunately this is the biggest size. However, when I tried on the Padded V-Neck, there was very minimal cup spillage and no band rolling up. To be quite honest, the bra fit so comfortably and I really loved it. I would totally buy it.

Outfit 3:

plus size lingerie

Longevity Bra in Black, $50

This bra is quite similar to the Evolution Bra is style and shape, but it is longer and therefore it doesn’t have any of the rolling up issues I was having before. Although it’s touted as a sports bra, I felt as if I could wear this as a normal everyday bra. 

Outfit 4:

plus size lingerie

Sleep Set in Navy, $79

It is so difficult to find cute pajamas, so when I found this set in the Knix store, I instantly fell in love. I decided to try on the XXL, as I typically take an 18/20 in most clothes. I wanted to have an oversized look and feel to the set (if possible) and when I tried on the set, it fit and it was cute. But it definitely did not have the oversize look I was hoping to achieve. There was even room in the sleep set (with elastic in the waist), so I had room to move. It was also made from a soft fabric, that I couldn’t stop touching. I really wish it was a bit bigger.

Final Thoughts:

There were a couple items I could not fit into at all while I was at Knix, and that was a shame. I know that as a plus-size individual (18/20 waist and a 40DDD bra size), I’m on the smaller end of plus.

I believe that Knix has been committed to working within the community to fitting individuals and trying to work on expanding their range. Hell, I do really love the line and I did walk out of the store with a few pieces, but I know for people (like me) coming into a physical location will be CRUCIAL because sometimes gambling on bras is no fun.

Get yourself down to a Knix, and see what works for you. Spent about an hour, and work with your personal fitter to find what’s right for you and your body type.

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