7 Of The Best Plus Size Launches Of 2019 To Know About

7 Of The Best Plus Size Launches Of 2019 To Know About

It has been a big year for plus-size fashion, with many memorable highs. According to stats from Coresight Research, the U.S. women’s plus-size clothing market will be worth $30.7 billion in 2019, growing around 4% to reach approximately $31.9 billion in 2020. In this year, we saw plus-size influencers and media celebrating and championing one another online and offline, and sparking discussion on what was missing from the plus-size fashion industry. Designers and brands were listening, trying to implement changes to their already existing lines or launch/create more size-inclusive clothing brands that babes across the world could feel good in. 

Here are some of my favourite launches and glow-ups in the plus-size clothing industry of 2019.

Part and Parcel

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This plus-size brand launched in the summer of 2019. Its mission? Offer size-inclusive clothing (sizes 0x-6x) and shoes at affordable prices. As you can imagine, it was a hit. The brand also introduced dimensional sizing, which meant that customers were given a choice between fit options. Recently, Part and Parcel did something even more revolutionary – it launched its own modelling agency. We can’t wait to see them take over in 2020.


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This summer I kept hearing another brand new plus size clothing line on plus-size Instagram, Soncy. The online retailer has fashionable pieces that give me ASOS or BooHoo vibes. But the best part? They were committed to releasing affordable pieces for women sizes 10-30, and actually showcased models of all sizes on their website. Can I get an Amen!


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In August, Lauren Chan launched Henning, a high-end plus-size line that’s on the cutting edge of style. Her line is meant to be a call to action to the rest of the fashion industry, that plus-size women want luxury clothes. The line debuted at New York Fashion Week and is available in sizes 12 to 24, and produced and made exclusively in New York.


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Last February, long-time fans of Anthropologie were excited to find out that the brand was finally expanding its line into plus sizes, with a new collection titled A+nthropologie. The line, which came in 16-26, was only released at one physical location in Canada at CF Shops at Don Mills and available online. The line was been consistently fashionable, colorful and trendy. One of the things we have appreciated about the Anthropologie launch into plus is how it didn’t change its vision for plus customers. Let’s hope the line will expand into more physical locations in Canada for the new year.


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For those in the plus-size community, you may know the name Jen Wilder. Not only is she the co-owner of The Plus Bus, a plus-size boutique in Los Angeles, but she is the brainchild behind URTUMUCH which launched in 2019. The line consists of caftans and lots of bold prints and sequins. Wilder has described the line as “timeless, unique and creative,” which we agree. Oh, and Lizzo is a fan. Wilder had the opportunity to design the cloud leotards for her backup dancers during the infamous VMA performance.

Hilary MacMillan

This past September, Canadian fashion designer Hilary MacMillan announced that she was planning to launch her Spring/Summer 2020 season in select pieces into a 4X, or a size 28. The collection was beautiful and fashion-forward, including oversized blazers, dresses, skirts, and jackets. The pricing of the collection ranged from $150-300, and is currently in production.

Tamara Malas

It wasn’t until late 2018 that I really learned about Tamara Malas, so I am including this in the 2019 launches category. This high-end fashion-forward brand, in sizes 14-32, offers luxury pieces with a point of view. Her designs are made for those who are playful and fashion-forward, and since I came across it, I have been obsessed. I need everything on my body immediately.

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