8 Of The Best Stores To Shop At For Plus Size Jeans

8 Of The Best Stores To Shop At For Plus Size Jeans

Trust me, jeans are a blessing and a curse. We have all had that moment – picture it with me. You’re lying flat on your back on your bed and you’ve sucked in your tummy. It’s just you and this new pair of jeans, and you’ve almost got them on. Maybe if you suck in your belly and hold in your breathe until your face turns blue, shimmy them on, and zip, they will fit. Maybe, just maybe. But what if, you found jeans that actually fit?

It took me a long time to realize that fitting into jeans didn’t have to be a struggle, no matter your body size. There are brands and companies out there that were specifically committed to fitting plus size bodies well. Ever since I’ve made this discovery, it has been such a relief for me, and what used to be one of my dreaded items to shop, has now become one of my favourites thanks to these plus size jean stores. Real talk! 

Here are 8 of the best stores to shop at for plus size jeans!

Universal Standard

best plus size denim stores

Sizes: 00-40
Price: $109 – $164

On my last visit to New York City, I went to the Universal Standard showroom and decided to try on a pair of its jeans in a dark denim wash in a 30” inseam. Can I just say that these jeans are the best I’ve ever had, never wearing out against my thighs or losing their colour? Brilliant.


best plus size denim stores

Sizes: 14-24
Price: $98 – $108

After seeing everyone in a popular Facebook community I was a part of recommend jeans from Levi’s, I decided perhaps it was time to take the plunge. The skinny jean style is inherently more snug than other cuts on this list, and I had to size up from an 18 to a 22, but they fit like they were made to measure, and they make me feel stylish as heck.


best plus size denim stores

Sizes: 10-28
Price: $74 – $78

For a long time, everyone has been telling me that their go-to jeans have been from Torrid. While I have not tried them out myself, Torrid pride itself on being well-designed and offering premium stretch. Torrid denim come in three different designs: bootcut, flare, and skinny. So no matter what kind of denim your heart desires there should be one out there for you.


best plus size denim stores

Sizes: 14-24
Price: $67 – 70

One of the very first high-waisted jeans I ever purchased was from ASOS Curve. The jeans, designed in the London office, offer petite ranges in its plus offerings. These jeans have so much stretch in them, are super sleek, and stylish. I would absolutely order them again in a heartbeat.

Addition Elle

best plus size denim stores

Sizes: select styles available in sizes 10-32
Prices: $59 – $119

One of my go-to spots for jeans has always been Addition Elle. Recently, the retailer hired a new designer, Andy Thê-Anh, who is offering even more curve-friendly jean designs. While you’ll still find old favourites like the skinny, flare, and straight leg, you’re going to see some variations that are more playful and sophisticated. Plus, the denim is soft and really gentle on the skin.

Good American

Good american

Sizes: 12-24
Prices: $250-$265

All over the internet, I have been reading about how amazing Good American jeans are. While the price tag on them is hefty, it seems like the quality and styles are worth it. According to Instagramers and plus-bloggers everywhere, these jeans hug every single curve, and come up high enough and don’t fall down. Plus, Good American seem committed to the plus community by having a big appearance at Curvy Con this year.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

Sizes: 12-28
Prices: $103-$148

When it comes to jeans, so many of my American friends say Lane Bryant is the best for plus size jeans. The best part: the brand finally started shipping to Canada, so we can finally enjoy the wonder that are its jeans! For example: in its high-rise skinny, there’s a waistband that stretches and molds to your waist, eliminating the dreaded waistband gap. Um, how cool is that? How many times how you found yourself complaining about jeans that have stretched out. It might be worth looking into these!



Sizes: 14-26
Prices: $96-$110

Loft’s denim is known for its high-quality and different washes. While I haven’t personally tried these on, the selections available are nice, crisp and perfect for dressing either up or down.