6 Of The Best Places To Buy Plus-Size Tights Right Now

6 Of The Best Places To Buy Plus-Size Tights Right Now

Shopping for pantyhose is one of my worst nightmares, for a variety of reasons. For starters, many places have such a limited size range, to begin with (hello, bodies exist beyond a large or extra-large!) and oftentimes, the plus-size tights that are out there is just plain boring. Trust me, I’ve been down this path one too many times. When you’re plus-size and trying to find something to cover up those bare legs during the fall and winter months, the struggle can be real.

But thanks to a lot of time (and research), I seem to have found 6 brands who are KILLING the plus-size tights game. Take a look!

We Love Colors

plus size tights

The first time I tried on tights from this brand, I immediately fell in love. Not only was I able to get fun and funky styled tights, but they didn’t slouch, or fall down. It was like I had finally found a pair of plus-size tights that – gasp – fit perfectly. Now since you can only order these online, the biggest deal-breaker is the shipping expenses. But my three pairs of tights have lasted nearly two winter seasons, without rips or tears. So consider me a fan who is willing to preach the We Love Colors gospel to one and all.


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When I was investigating online about where to find the best tights, many people were raving about Sheertex. I wasn’t sure if the hype was real as the tights are super expensive. But there is a reason! The brand claims that its tights last ten times longer than the competition, and to be honest, they genuinely do. I have pretty long nails, and I didn’t rip into them at all. My only complaint really? The control top is pretty tight, so if that’s not your jam, move along.

Addition Elle

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For as long as I can remember, Addition Elle has been my go-to for solid plus-size tights. Not only were they fashionable, but they were also functional. In my experience, they would keep everything in place, and I didn’t have any struggle pulling them up. Over time though, I did find that they stretched a little bit on my body. But otherwise, good value for money.

Hue Tights

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After many nights researching in a Facebook group for plus size women, many had recommended Hue Tights as their go-to. I decided it was time to try it out for myself once and for all. Available to directly order via their website, or on Amazon – the tights have several different styles to choose from. They fit pretty true to size with not too much stretch. In the pair I ordered, it came with a control top which was surprisingly comfortable. One thing you may want to consider is that the Hue Tights are surprisingly low rise.


Similar to Addition Elle, the tights on offer at Torrid are cheap, cheerful, and necessary. They are surprisingly comfortable and don’t stretch out as much as other tights on the market. It makes them an affordable option for the plus-size consumer who loves to purchase from a brick and mortar store.

Joe Fresh

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Joe Fresh

Recently, Joe Fresh stopped carrying a majority of its plus-size offerings in-store, however, you should still be able to find its tights online and to be honest, I’d grab them. For $6, they are the best value, but probably not the best quality. With that being said, they will get you through a work event or a few weeks in the winter. Besides, if you get a hole in them – who cares? You paid $6 for them!

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