I Tried Plus-Size Shopping At Old Navy – Here’s How It Went

I Tried Plus-Size Shopping At Old Navy - Here's How It Went
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Let’s face it: you don’t want to have to shop online all the time when you’re plus size. Besides the exchange rate, duties, and shipping – there are other factors to consider including if things will fit properly. This is why finding stores you can shop in is so important, and one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. This is why I decided to go and check out Old Navy. After 11 years, Old Navy decided it would bring plus sizes back to select stores throughout North America with sizes ranging from 0-30, XS-XXL, 1x-4x in Regular, Petite, Tall, Short, and Long. 

One of the biggest Old Navy locations in the GTA is at the Toronto Eaton Centre, so I hauled myself down there to check it out.

The brand prides itself on carrying classic pieces with some in fun, trendy styles and funky colours and to be honest, I’ll never forget the yellow jeans I bought from Old Navy way back when. They were one of my go-to’s until they completely stretched out in the waist, so I headed over to the Eaton Centre, excited to check out just what this plus-size section was all about, and just what the situation was.

Wandering the store, there was no specific “plus” section, however, I did find some size 18’s, 20’s and XXL’s on the racks, which leads me to believe the true “plus” sizes can all found online.

I decided to take a chance with some items, and see if they fit on me, since I’m an 18/20 but am fully aware all brands fit differently.

Outfit #1:

plus size shopping old navy

Light blue dress shirt, size XL – $29.99
Black dress pants, size XL – $39.99

Both of these items fit tight against my body. I was unable to get the shirt fully done up, and as an apple-shaped body, it fits tightly against my belly. It is clear that I needed a 1X in both of these items, at a minimum. But the fit of both items makes me feel super uncomfortable about my body, and I don’t like them.

Outfit #2:

plus size shopping old navy

Mustard cotton dress with pockets, size XXL – $49.99

I adore every single thing about this dress: the colour and the style. While it does fit, it feels a bit baggy in some areas, and not in others. I tried to handle this with the tie provided at the waist. I’m not sure if this is the fit of the dress or just a sizing issue? Unfortunately, I didn’t try an XL so I’m not too sure. Still kinda loved everything about this, as I felt it could potentially be tailored.

Outfit #3:

plus size shopping old navy

Animal print dress, size XL – $39.99

As soon as I spotted this dress on the rack, I immediately thought of Monique Heart from RuPaul’s Drag Race saying, “Brown cow, stunning!” and needed to put it on my body. Honestly, I was kind of shocked at how much I liked this dress, and also that it fit. The best part: it has pockets. While it wasn’t tight, my only concern (post-try-on) is I forgot to check the fabric and I’m wondering about possible shrinkage in the dryer.

Outfit #4:

ama scriver

Red ankle-length jeans, size 18 – $44.99
Floral print top, size XL – $34.99

As much as the last top was a total miss, this one fit and gave me the spring vibes I longed for and desired while plus-size shopping at Old Navy. I was really hoping it would sing beautifully with the red pants I had picked out (trying to relive the dream of my former yellow pants), but those were crushed immediately. The fit was off, the length was all wrong, and I could barely get them up. Well, we tried!

Outfit #5:

ama scriver

Red floral dress, size XL – $32.99

As soon as I tried this on, I immediately loved it. It made me long for the spring/summer months, which I think is a good thing! It wasn’t tight around the arms or chest area, which is important. It was light and flowy, which made me personally feel happy. 

With all that tried on, what was the final verdict on plus-size shopping at Old Navy?

Well, to be honest, I’m wondering where the actual plus-sizes were? A lot of the stuff I tried on and spied inside Old Navy was cute, but a lot of the items were slightly too small and I had no ability to size up. While I’m not sure if any other Old Navy stores DO carry plus-sizes in-house, I did search online and in some plus-size groups to see if there was any chatter I could find: nothing.

Which starts an even larger conversation about why aren’t more brands carrying plus in-stores because we need basics like these!!

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