Wondering How Your Shopping Habits Affect Climate Change? There’s A Tool For That

Wondering How Your Shopping Habits Affect Climate Change? There's A Tool For That
Photo by Charles on Unsplash

Now more than ever, shoppers are becoming mindful of where they shop, what they’re shopping, and how often they’re shopping.

From the shady practises used to dispose of excess inventory and the alarming rate fast fashion items make their way to the landfill, to wasted resources, poor working conditions, and so much more, the negative affects the fashion industry has on the environment is no secret.

And if you’ve ever wondered what affect your shopping and fashion habits have on the environment, well, now there’s a tool to calculate that!

Photo by Fernand De Canne on Unsplash

ThredUP, the world’s largest online consignment and thrift store, recently released a tool that helps calculate your fashion footprint.

Inspired by a study that found that most consumers don’t believe their individual fashion choices affect the planet, ThredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator “aims to show how each one of us can play a role in reducing the carbon footprint of our individual closets to collectively create a more sustainable fashion future.” 

With a series of questions like how you shop, wear, and care for your clothes, ThredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator will determine the total carbon your closet generates annually and how you compare to the average person.

fashion footprint calculator

When you complete the questions, keep in mind that the Fashion Footprint Calculator is not meant to shame you!

The calculator is simply a tool to help you understand the impact you make on the environment as an individual. As ThredUP says, “The more we understand the impact of our fashion choices, the easier it is to make smart decisions.”

Check out ThredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator.

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