8 Tips For Getting Your Clothes To Sell At Consignment Stores

8 Tips For Getting Your Clothes To Sell At Consignment Stores

It’s officially that time of year when it’s out with the old and in with the new. The changing of seasons brings us warmer temps and has has us going through our wardrobes with a fine-tooth comb. Not only are closet cleanouts satisfying to do, but sometimes they can earn you a pretty penny. Toronto is known for its prime selection of consignment stores and if you keep up with the trends, your old threads can pay you back. But these stores don’t take just any pair of jeans or any old blazer — some are very strategic in how they select or buy as they say.

If you’re doing some pre-spring cleaning and want to sell some gently used clothes, here are tips for how to get them to sell at consignment stores!

Be Mindful Of The Buying Season

Most stores buy clothes ahead of the current season. As it’s still technically winter right now, consignment stores have already started buying for the spring. So, don’t be surprised when the buyer doesn’t want your puffer coat right now. Not only is it important to be mindful of the garment but it’s also smart to pay attention to the colour. Spring colours like white, yellow, pink, and various pastels will likely be selected by any buyer!

While thrift stores will likely take anything you hand over, consignment stores are known to be much more selective. Trendy items definitely have a higher chance of being sold to consignment stores as they’re the items that shoppers will likely be searching for.

Look At The Condition

Does the garment have holes, stains, or signs of heavy wear? If so, the odds are it won’t sell. Just because the buyer is selecting used clothing, it doesn’t mean it has to look, feel, or worse, smell used. Think about items you’d want to buy when you’re putting together your bags of clothing to be sold. Would you buy a worn-out looking garment? We didn’t think so.

Pay Attention To Brand Names

If you’re brand-name obsessed, it’s likely those items will sell at consignment stores. Popular designer names are always being desired and if the item is still available in stores at full price, that’s even better. A few designer names that we think are always sellable are ACNE, Club Monaco, Jil Sander, JBrand, Levi’s, Philip Lim, and Rag & Bone to name a few.

Pay Attention To The Vibe Of The Store

Is the consignment store you’re selling items to in a more quirky neighbourhood, or is it more upscale? It’s important to tailor your goods depending on where the store is located and what the vibe is in-store. For example, a store located in Kensington Market might be more interested in more boho garments and a store in Yorkville might be after more high-end designer duds. If the selection in-store is carefully curated, expect them to be super picky when sorting through your stuff and don’t be offended if they don’t want anything. It’s not personal, it’s just business!

Keep Your Receipts

If you’re planning on consigning any designer goods, it instantly adds value if you still have the tags and/or receipts! No one wants to risk buying a fake, so if you can prove it’s the real deal, it’s a way easier sell.

Call Beforehand

Some consignment stores have specific times when they’re buying, as well as have very specific items they may be looking for at a particular time. If you call beforehand and ask what kind of pieces they’re currently buying, you don’t have to waste bringing the things they likely aren’t interested in and only bring the items they’ve confirmed might sell.

Try Multiple Stores

If something doesn’t sell at one consignment store, it doesn’t mean it won’t at another. In junction with knowing the vibe of the store, every consignment store varies in what its customers are looking for. And sometimes a consignment store simply won’t buy a specific item from you if they happen to already be sitting on something similar – so you could have a perfectly sellable piece, and it may be worth trying out another spot before you throw it into donations.

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