I Tried Plus Size Shopping At Uniqlo – See How it Went

I Tried Plus Size Shopping At Uniqlo - See How it Went

When Uniqlo first opened in Toronto, I was totally pumped. For a long time, I longed to find basics that were affordable. But for some reason, plus size basics were a rare commodity and the ones that did were heckin’ expensive. Prior to making my first trip to Uniqlo, I took a look at the website to see what the sizes were like and what sizes went up to. In-store had sizes up to XL and online sizes carried went up to an XXL, which was promising. I remember having some luck finding clothes, but it was few and far between.

I had heard rumbling that the store’s sizing had changed a bit to fit more North American clientele. Plus, I recently went to check out the UNIQLO X MARIMEKKO collection and found that, shockingly, most of the items fit me. Was this just a lucky coincidence? I decided it was worth an experiment.

Over the holidays, I went back to Uniqlo to check out what they had in stock and shop around for myself. I threw 8 items into my basket and brought them back with me into the changeroom. 

Outfit 1:


Chiffon pleated long skirt in purple – $39.90
Rayon long sleeve blouse in light orange – $29.90

I love these two items together because it reminded me a bit of Easter eggs. The skirt fit and still had a bit of room in the waist. I had tried it on in the XL and it had a bit of stretch elastic in the waist which I think helped out. The blouse, on the other hand, was a whole other story. Anyone who has a chest knows that trying to buy a button-up blouse is a nightmare. Not only was this tight in the chest area, but it was tight in the belly. Just a bad combo and a pass all around. Hella cute colour tho! 

Outfit 2:

uniqlo plus size

Rayon printed ¾ sleeve shirt dress – $49.90

For some reason, when I walked by this dress, it reminded me of the dress I tried on during my try-on haul at Nordstrom Rack. The XL in this dress actually fit quite large in the chest area, providing a bit of a weird fit. But the rest of the dress was absolute perfection. I didn’t have any issues getting it on or off and I felt super cute in it.

Outfit 3:

uniqlo plus size

Light fluffy soufflé yarn crew neck sweater in purple – $29.90

I am usually pretty picky when it comes to sweaters, and I have to admit — this one way pretty alright. It was lightweight and oversized while still being super cute and not looking like a piece of fabric draped on my body. Not sure about the colour, but that’s my own personal taste.

Outfit 4:

ama scriver

Extra stretch lounge dress (long sleeve) in navy blue – $29.90

Out of all the things I tried on for my Uniqlo plus size test, this was probably the thing I loved the most. For starters, I tried on a size large and it fit. Secondly, it was stretchy and comfortable, and third it was a beautiful, basic dress that didn’t break the bank. Honestly, this is the reason why I like Uniqlo. Although I didn’t end up buying it, it has definitely been on my mind.

So I know what you’re thinking: I brought 8 pieces into the change room for my Uniqlo plus size test but only photographed five items. Well, that is because legit some items didn’t fit.

ama scriver

For example, I tried to put on a pair of leggings and they did not even go up past my ankle. Another shirt felt like my boobs were going to pop the buttons. While my trip to Uniqlo wasn’t totally disappointing, I’ve developed some tips for shopping there:

  1. Check the fabric — does it have any stretch or give?
  2. Compare your measurements vs. the ones on the tag — can you fit into the item?
  3. Some oversized items tend to fit differently than their normal size

With all that in mind, the Uniqlo plus size selection is hit or miss. I hope that they will extend into plus sizes, but until then you will just have to stop in and try things on. 

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