I Tried Plus Size Shopping At Nordstrom Rack & Here’s What Happened

I Tried Plus Size Shopping At Nordstrom Rack & Here's What Happened

Listen, we’ve all heard how incredible and amazing Nordstrom is, as the retailer has an incredible return policy and tons of great designer brand selection. But, if you’re like me and on a budget, then maybe Nordstrom Rack is more in your price range. To me, stepping into The Rack was like going out with the more classier and sophisticated sister of Winners. So here’s the deal, as someone who typically wears plus sizes (size 18/20), I wondered if a place like Nordstrom Rack could accommodate larger bodies like mine. I took a visit to the flagship store at Yonge and Bloor to find out the answer.

Racks On Racks


I have to admit, normally when I take myself out for these Style Tests, I’m not that intimidated but for this one, I was. As I found myself on the escalator, rising up to the second floor where all the women’s pieces were organized on racks by style: jackets, cardigans, formal wear, pants, tops, blouses, dresses, and more — I felt a bead of sweat roll down my face. Did I belong here, and what was this place?

Prior to arriving at the store, I tried to do a little bit of digging to see if there was even a plus-size section. An online community I was a part of said, yes but that it’s quite small.

As I started to navigate myself through the clothing racks, something became very clear: there were no plus-sizes.


The largest size that Nordstrom Rack offered was an XXL, which depending on the brand and fabric, can fit a body that is a size 16 or at best, size 20.

I didn’t think this could be right, I mean: Nordstrom has a plus-size section on its website. So I approached a salesperson on the floor to see if my eyes deceived me: “Excuse me, but do you have a plus-size section?” I sheepishly asked.

“No, what you see is what we have. It’s all integrated into the racks,” they told me.

Well alright then, I guess we’re just going to try and fit my fat body into as many of these XXL’s as possible to see how she does. To say the least, I’m not surprised, but disappointed.

Hidden Treasures

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

Because this is the off-price retail division of Nordstrom, nearly everything was 30% to 70% off the original price. Since there isn’t a dedicated plus-size section, I pulled six items which included four dresses, one jumper, one skirt, and one shirt. Each of the items could have transferable from day-to-night, which was fantastic and were definitely trendy and hip.

The only issue was: would they fit? All of the items were XXL, and I picked items that seemed loose-fitting, baggy, or that seemed to have some stretch to it.

Orange Floral Dress – Price $23.98

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

This dress fit perfectly and gave me Little House on the Prairie vibes. The dress had a built-in elastic paneling in the waist, for extra comfort. But it also meant that I could fit into it with ease, and still had room. As soon as I put this on, I fell in love. More of a fall vibe, rather than spring/summer.

Pink Floral Dress – Price $29.98

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

I got this dress onto my body, and immediately loved it, but as soon as we got to my boobs, it was an immediate no go.  My chest, which is a 42 DD, could not be contained in this. Now if I wanted to go for more of a busty look, maybe. But literally my boobs felt as if they were just hanging out, and I did not feel comfortable at all. Maybe if this came in one size up, we could have remedied this.

Blue Bodycon Dress – Price $35.98

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

When I saw this on the rack, I knew I had to have this on my body. Just look at the colour! I was surprised (and shocked) when it fit, but was a bit worried about the arms, which did feel a bit tight. Now for those that don’t know, I am a short person standing at 5’2 and this dress hit me at my knee cap, which is fine. For you tall folks out there, it might be a bit too short. My favourite part of this look? How it rocked every single one of my curves.

Navy Dress with Pink Flowers – Price $42.97

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

Once again, I saw this on the rack and needed to have it on my body, immediately. So in the change room when I got it on my body, you don’t know how excited I was. But boobs man. It’s like clothing companies don’t think about boobs. There was no way to contain my 42 DD chest from this look, and quite frankly, I’m upset. Do better, Nordstrom Rack. Boobs are a real thing, no matter what size you are.

Yellow Jumper – Price $39.97

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

When I saw this I got vibes of Premme and Modcloth, and it gave me hope. So immediately I picked it up and thought, “This will come home with me!” Wow, was I sorely mistaken? I barely got it down over half of my body. What a mess, it was horrible. I’ll still have visions in my head of what that jumper COULD have been.

Silver Shimmer Skirt and Black Shirt – Price $39.97 and $8.97 respectively

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

Wouldn’t you know: this fits! But also, it looks like something I would wear out into the day-to-day world and I really like it. Everything hugs my body perfectly and I am kind of obsessed with how sparkly I am. The perfect outfit if I had an office to go to.

The Final Recap

plus size shopping nordstrom rack

Okay so let’s be honest: shopping here wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t great. Why? Well, I’m lucky that I am a smaller sized fat person, who can fit into XXL’s or in some instances XL’s. But what about people who are trying to shop for office clothes or clothes for special events and don’t?

Some people have said that Nordstrom Rack is kind of like Winner’s so based on returns or other shipments, sizing can (and does) vary. Which is great and all, but why not just carry a dedicated plus-size section? I know me and some other fashionable plus-size babes would shop the hell out of it. Heck, I wanted SO MANY of the items that I tried on, but just couldn’t buy them because they didn’t fit.

Featured Image: Instagram/@primont_homes

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