6 Tips to Have the Most Successful Shopping Trip at Winners/Marshalls

While you might think it’s down to the luck of the draw, you can actually make your shopping trips hella successful on a more frequent basis. You just have to shop smart!

I’m sure we all have that one friend who shops at Winners and Marshalls and always without a fail seems to score the best finds. When you periodically pop into the off-price retailer? …not so much. While you might think it’s down to the luck of the draw, you can actually make your shopping trips hella successful on a more frequent basis; you just have to shop smart! Here are some tips to have the most successful shopping trips at Winners and Marshalls. Let me know what it feels like on the other side: aka when you’re the friend with all the good finds. 

1. Go more frequently

Well, this seems like given, the more you shop at Winners/Marshalls the greater your chances are of getting something good. While most other retailers work on a seasonal basis, Winners/Marshalls receives new arrivals sometimes up to several times a week, meaning even if you went last week, the following week could be way more fruitful. I would suggest going ideally on a weekly basis or at least a couple times a month.

2. Find out when new shipments come in

Now that you know Winners/Marshalls is getting that new, new basically all the time, you can narrow it down even more by finding out when exactly each location gets new shipments. If there is a Winners/Marshalls near you, or one you frequent often, call the store or ask one of the employees when they usually put out new stock. How does it feel being the first in line?

3. Go to the best locations

The Winners/Marshalls model also works off location. Stores that are situated in more heavily populated and urban areas, are sent merchandise according to the clientele within a certain radius. You can count that downtown locations will get more designer labels versus locations in less ritzy neighbourhoods. Do your research and know which areas are more upscale or see more traffic.

4. Don’t have a predetermined list

Winners/Marshalls operates off the “thrill of the find” model, meaning that once it’s gone, it’s gone and that every shopping trip will have a different outcome. Your chances of scoring a good deal on designer will be less if you have a preset list of what you’re looking for. Sure, you can have an idea and you can definitely have a budget, but it’s best to go in open-minded because you really never know what you’re going to find.

5. Have patience and dedicate time

Having patience and dedicating time goes hand-in-hand with Winners/Marshalls since their stock is literally always different. You never know what things are going to be hiding where, so it’s best to allow at least a couple hours to sifting through many or all of the departments. If you breeze through the store, you’re more likely to not notice things.

6. Pay attention to price comparisons

Last but not least, pay attention to price comparisons. Winners/Marshalls always shows a comparison price, so #1 google to see if the savings are legit, and #2 know the discount. Sometimes markdowns aren’t actually the big and other times they’re hella big, 50% off and over. Know if you’re truly getting a good bargain and this can help you narrow down your purchases to the actual good stuff.

Do you know any other tips for shopping at Winners/ Marshalls? Let us know in the comment section.

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