What It’s Like To Shop For Plus-Size Clothing on Amazon

What It's Like To Shop For Plus-Size Clothing on Amazon

For years, I have spent considerable amounts of time ordering clothes online. The reason: because a good chunk of retail stores don’t carry plus sizes in-store. Online shopping for me has become a place where I am the expert on all things fabric, fit, and sizing – who knew? Because I’ve had to do so much online shopping, this is how I’ve developed my own personal style and learned so much about fashion. You see, when you’re plus size and not much is available for your body, you have to try to create outfit magic.

This is why I decided I wanted to test out Amazon’s very own plus-size section.

For a while now, so many people I know in the plus community, have been raving about plus-size Amazon’s clothing. If I can be honest, I was a bit shocked, but I did some digging and according to a report from the data analytics company, CoreSight Research found Amazon Fashion to be the most-shopped apparel retailer in the United States, unseating Walmart as number one. Huh.

Scrolling through the site, you’ll find a selection of cute basics and stylish pieces in sizes up to 6x.

Most are offered on Amazon Prime, which means shipping is available the next day, and the pricing? Legit affordable.

Here are some of the plus-size Amazon outfits I pulled together and my thoughts.

Alfred Dunner Womens Plus-Size Anchor Capri Pants – $41.42,
Riders by Lee Indigo Womens Plus Size Easy Care ¾ Sleeve Woven Shirt Button-Down Shirt – $24.31

ama scriver

I’ve always had such a hard time finding a dress shirt that fits and this one actually fits, with no issues. I was shocked and amazed! While I loved the design on the pants, I didn’t expect them to be a denim fabric. If you work in a more casual office, this would totally be something you could wear to work, or you could wear either piece separately. Honestly, the button-down shirt was the clear winner here for me.

Core 10 Women’s Icon Series – The Warrior Mesh Plus Size Legging – $59.00,
Core 10 Women’s Icon Series – The Warrior Mesh Plus Size Sports Bra – $33.00

fitness clothing ama scriver

I am always on the look for more gear for spinning and I was super excited to see these mesh leggings and matching sports bra, which I’ve seen in Lululemon previously. I decided to try the 2xl and the sizing was much smaller than I expected. It fit but was a tight squeeze. The ratings on both items did mention that the sizing/fit was smaller than average, but for some reason, I didn’t size up. Really kicking myself for not reading the ratings.

Amazon Brand – Daily Ritual Plus Size Long-Sleeve Turtle Neck Sweater Dress – $36.00

plus-size amazon

I love a good basic, which is why I love shopping at Uniqlo so often. I was really bummed out when this arrived because I received the wrong size. Rather than the 1 or 2x that I normally order, I was sent a 6x. The fabric of the dress is soft and comfortable, and you could totally dress it up or down. I’m hoping I’ll be able to exchange it for my normal size.

Daily Ritual Women’s Supersoft Terry Sleeveless Jumpsuit – $44.00,
Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Amazon Denim Jacket Button-Down Shirt – $42.99

plus-size amazon

For so long I have been looking for the perfect jean jacket, and I finally found it. This jacket has inside pockets, plus it goes up to 3x. I paired it with a jumpsuit and I know it’s not quite the jumper from Fleabag, but in my heart, it will do. Besides, I feel like I’m giving off the most casual-cool vibes.

Daily Ritual Women’s Jersey Long-Sleeve Empire-Waist Maxi Dress – $38.00

plus-size amazon

This plus-size Amazon dress was perfect for spring and summer but honestly, it’s WAY too long for someone as short as me. I am 5’2 and I think you would have to be at the very least 5’10 to wear this dress. The dress is made from cotton material, so it’s light, airy, and it has a lot of movement. Best part? It comes in lots of different colours – I got it in cranberry red as I thought that would be great for fall.

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