6 Workouts In Toronto That Are Fun & Effective

6 Workouts In Toronto That Are Fun & Effective

If you’re looking to get into better shape this season, or want to get in some movement, why run laps around the block or put in steps on the oh-so-boring elliptical? Working out doesn’t have to be a snore — it should be fun, but definitely still effective. Toronto is a HUGE city and as so, there’s an abundance of amazing fitness studios that offer exciting and exhilarating classes that will have you feeling the burn big time.

I think it’s also important to note that working out doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) all about getting thinner. Moving and getting in a good sweat does SO much good for your mind and soul, too.

The following 6 workouts are sure to have you feeling fired up as they’re effective but super fun!


misfitstudio get high fun fitness styledemocracy

If you thought your days of jumping on a trampoline were over, think again! MISFITSTUDIO’s Get High class is exactly that. This high intensity cardio workout centres around jumping on a trampoline in a step class-style and clears the body of toxins, too. This nostalgic class is now back at MISFITSTUDIO’s new pop-up at 96 Ossington from May 15 – July 15 along with the super popular (and fun) Reformer classes!

BOLO – Bolo Boxing

bolo boxing fun toronto workouts styledemocracy

You don’t have to be a fighter to love this class. For anyone who wants to learn how to throw a mean 1-2 punch, head on over to BOLO for the studio’s legendary BOLO Boxing class. No matter your skill level, it’s an intense class that will leave you exhausted yet feeling empowered. Always with a fun playlist blasting, this is the class to check out if you’re looking to mix up your fitness routine!

Spinco – Spinning

spinco toronto fun workouts styledemocracy

Time to clip in and ride to the beat of the music. At Spinco, you start and finish as a team and it’s that motivation that’ll help get you through. With loud beats and low lights, every class feels like a transcending experience. The instructors are so inspirational that you’ll feel like you can do anything when you’re on the bike!

Scullhouse Rowing – Classic Rowing

scullhouse rowing toronto fun workouts styledemocracy

If you’re looking for a unique fitness studio, congratulations — you’ve found it. Scullhouse Rowing is centred around, you guessed it, rowing. This 55-minute rowing class will have you doing interval training on the rowing machine and also alternating with mat work. The mat work intervals focus on body weight and small dumbbell exercises so it’s not just the upper body you’ll be working, either!

BeHot Yoga – Hot HIIT Pilates

behotyoga hot pilates toronto fun workouts styledemocracy

Perhaps one of Toronto’s more hidden gems is BeHot Yoga and it’s there that you can indulge in one of the best sweats of your life. The studio’s Hot HIIT Pilates class takes you through a journey of movement like no other. This class consists of classic pilates moves like glute bridges but also incorporates burpees, squats, and more all in a room that’s heated to approx. 35°C.

Barry’s Bootcamp

barrys bootcamp toronto fun workouts styledemocracy

Known as the world’s greatest workout for a reason, Barry’s Bootcamp is a fave among celebrities and fitness influencers. All the classes happen in the infamous ‘ Red Room’ but it’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise. There’s something being in the dimly-lit space that somehow pushes you further than you ever thought possible. Any class you choose is sure to be top-of-the-line and they all incorporate the use of the treadmill to really get your heart rate up!

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