9 Plus-Size Activewear Brands That You’ll Absolutely Love on Your Curves

You won’t want to leave the gym when you’re wearing these 9 plus-size activewear brands that you’ll absolutely love on your curves.
9 Plus-Size Activewear Brands That You’ll Absolutely Love on Your Curves

Nowadays it’s hella inspiring to see so many women embracing their size and living active lifestyles. Healthy doesn’t have one look; do you think Ashley Graham is a size small? NO! But she is still strong and sexy AF.

While it’s nice to finally see a shift towards fit and not thin with plus-size models like Graham, it still seems difficult to find activewear brands that accommodate larger curves. You want your garments to hug and compliment your curves, not be so tight you can’t breathe, or so flimsy you’re falling out.

If you haven’t already checked out these brands, hop to it and get ready to sweat. You won’t want to leave the gym when you’re wearing these 9 plus-size activewear brands that you’ll absolutely love on your curves.

Joe Fresh

Did you know that along with the Canadian brand’s plus size line, they also have plus-size activewear?! Whether you’re looking to do yoga or a more intense workout, the collection features everything you need from cute athleisure basics, to higher intensity leggings and bras, all going up to 3XL.

SuperFit Hero

If you haven’t heard of SuperFit Hero yet, the name will totally make sense in a sec. Basically, the activewear line’s motto is that you should feel confident during your workout, no matter your sport OR your size. With a focus on fabric (bye, bye see-through leggings) and comfort, sizes range up to 5XL making them a hero in my eyes.


ICYMI the affordable activewear brand recently launched plus sizes that go up to 3XL – rejoice! The best thing about Fabletics size addition is that it works the same way as their regular sized merchandise meaning you can shop the entire outfit at an unbeatable price. They also feature different gear to suit the intensity of your workout. What more could a girl ask for?

Nike Women’s

You don’t become a global brand without being an innovator in your market, so it makes total sense that Nike has a full range of plus size activewear going up to 3XL. The line features a wide variety of leggings, tops, shorts, and sweaters so you can feel comfortable and stylish on your way to the gym, as well as during your workout.

Universal Standard

The name “Universal Standard” kind of says it all; aka not a size 0. The one-stop shop not only has incredibly stylish clothing for every day (which you should also check out), but they also have their own activewear line going up to 2XL. Along with more accommodating sizes, the collection’s strategically placed colour blocking scheme will hit you in all the right places.

NOLA by Addition Elle

I feel like Addition Elle has previously had a bad rap as not being the most stylish, but the company has totally rebranded in recent years. Take their plus-size activewear line NOLA for example! It’s got everything you need, including loungewear, workout wear, light workout wear, and a ton of bras for full support. It’s literally heaven on earth for women with a bigger bust and has one of the widest selections of sports bras.


Zella, available exclusively at Nordstrom, is at the top of the list when it comes to luxury activewear, as well as plus-size options. They have a great range of leggings, shorts, and sweaters for all your workout and sizing needs going up to 2XL. Not only will you look fit and strong, you’ll also feel amazing in these super flattering and trendy styles.


While SheFit isn’t actually a full workout line, and rather just a sports bra, you could say it is the sports bra to end all sports bras. Not only do they have an in-depth fit guide on their website, but the bra is also completely adjustable with a unique strap system that accommodates A to DDD bust sizes and beyond. Don’t let the ladies get in the way of your high intense workout!

Old Navy

If you don’t want to spend a sh*t ton of money on workout gear, but still want something that will fit, Old Navy actually has a full plus-size activewear line that’s cute AF. Along with a number of big bust bras, they also have leggings, tops, and sweaters so you can look just as stylish during your workout, as you do on your way to the gym. Styles go up to 4XL and are very reasonably priced.

Do you know any other plus-size activewear brands? Let us know in the comment section!

Featured image: Instagram/ @additionelle

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