Top 12 Places to Shop Online and Offline for Plus-Size Clothes

Shopping for plus-size clothes doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips on places to check out while being beautifully plus-sized. Ama Scriver rounds…
Top 12 Places to Shop Online and Offline for Plus-Size Clothes

The difficulties of being a plus-sized woman is that the fashion industry has largely forgotten about us. While many of our straight-sized friends float along in their shopping trips with without a hesitation in the world – finding clothes as a plus-size gal can be downright difficult and well, exhausting.

But there are some retailers out there that haven’t forgotten about us – online and offline – that I’m going to share with you today.  Shopping while plus-size doesn’t have to be hard, so here are some tips on places to check out while being beautifully plus-sized.


plus-size clothes
In my Society+ dress

Society+ is a plus size indie brand started by Jessica Kane of Skorch Magazine. Many of the pieces are bold and bright and include items that break fashion rules like tutus and crop tops. One of the biggest things I love about Society+ is that they use real people and bloggers in all of their shoots to showcase their line (which goes up to a size 32), so you can get a true sense of how something would look on your body type. The brand is always having great sales on their clothes, which is when I made my first purchase. Shipping was fast and their customer service reps were super helpful. It’s definitely a great place to check out online!

plus-size clothes
Wearing eShakti

So here is what I love about eShakti, you can custom make your own dress! If that hasn’t sold you yet, the brand sells their line up to a size 36. When you shop for a dress on eShakti, you’ll see the different options available, which usually include at least half a dozen sleeve options, neckline options, length options (cut to your height), and even other details like removing pockets. Since getting my first dress, I have ordered two more because who wouldn’t want a customized dress?

plus-size clothes
Wearing Eloquii

After some of my favourite plus-size bloggers and the awesome Chrissy Metz and Rebel Wilson were spotted in Eloquii, I kinda wanted to check it out for myself. After reading a bunch of reviews, I took the plunge and ordered two dresses for myself and I was not disappointed. The line extends up to a size 30 and offers everything from dresses to jeans to tops. Everything was fashion forward, something you would see in the pages of Glamour or Vogue and the best part: it was made for fat women. Shipping takes a bit of time but the customer service representatives are always super helpful trying to track packages down.

plus-size clothes
In an ASOS find

Without a doubt, this is my go-to online shop for all things plus-size. Best part: they don’t just sell clothes but shoes and other accessories, too. So yes, online ordering can be a bit tricky but ASOS offers free shipping and free returns and if I’m being fully honest, ASOS is how I broke my online ordering virginity. The only thing to be aware of is that you might get hit with customs if your order is over a certain amount. With all that being said, they have clothes for every single occasion including office and casual. Plus, they just released a men’s plus size line!

plus-size clothes
On the left in ModCloth

If you’re into cute, whimsical or even vintage looking pieces, this is the site for you. Lots of bold, bright colours, and cute prints. Currently, their plus-size offerings go up to a 4x (which is a 26/28). One of the things that I love about ModCloth is they have an entire section dedicated to wedding and while I’m not at that stage yet, it is always in the back of my mind for when that day comes.

plus-size clothes
In my Curvy Bunz find

Curvy Bunz Clothing Swap
If you’re from Toronto, then you have heard of Bunz – the swapping app (and online community) where you trade things for other things. Well, they have an entire group online dedicated to swapping plus-size clothes.  I can’t lie: I have gotten some serious gems from there.  In this photo, I got a brand new (with tags) BooHoo plus-size dress for a $20 gift card to Shopper’s Drug Mart. There is absolutely no cash in the Bunz zones, so you may be able to get a whole new wardrobe for tokens, tall cans or whatever else you have around your house. This group is secret, so find a friend who is in it or join Bunz to get an invite.


plus-size clothes
In a suede jacket from Penningtons

So one thing to keep in mind is that Penningtons, Addition Elle, and Reitmans are all under the same company umbrella. I have found some really great gems at Penningtons before by digging through their racks, including this suede jacket for $20. Sometimes not everything is up to my taste level (rhinestones and fringe on everything) but hey, it’s worth a look because sometimes the good stuff is really good. Plus, I really love their active wear.

plus-size clothes
On the right in Primaala

Located on Dundas West, Primaala is my go-to when I need something a bit more high end. Owner Rachel Holt has filled the racks with beautiful items (mostly in the palette of black, grey, and white) that will make your body look incredible and the best part of any visit is interacting with shop-dog, Daisy. One of my go-to’s from Primaala is actually from Holt’s own line, shown in this photo. All of the purchases I have made from Primaala have been stand out pieces in my collection that have lasted me. Best part: Holt is offering a free styling session right now on her website, check it out.

plus-size clothes
In the Old Navy change room

Old Navy
So I will forewarn you: not every single Old Navy has a plus-size section, which is kind of annoying. For the stores that don’t, most of the time you can find plus-size goods in the clearance racks for super sale (anywhere from 50-70% off the original price), which is one of the only reasons why I’m suggesting this place. What I love about my finds about Old Navy is that they offer basics and they have a petite section – that’s a huge bonus for a gal like me.

plus-size clothes
My Uniqlo find

For those wondering: yes, they do have extended sizing at Uniqlo but only on selected items and only up to a size XXL (size 18/20) so be warned. This store is not for everyone, but for the folks who can fit into these clothes will be so thankful. They offer beautiful basics and affordable well-made clothes that are trendy and cool. The amount of shirts, dresses, and sweaters that have invaded my closet since their launch in Canada has been unreal.

plus-size clothes
Wearing a find from Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay
So I know what you’re thinking: won’t Hudson’s Bay only offer matronly as fuck clothes for plus-size babes? The simple answer to that is: nope, absolutely not. They carry some super luxe brands like Carmakoma Plus, Junarose, Nic + Zoe and Jessica Simpson. The best thing about shopping at Hudson’s Bay? They always have Bay Days and tons of sales, so if you’re looking for something casual or something for work – this may be the place to head to.

plus-size clothes
Wearing Addition Elle

Addition Elle
Related to Pennington’s – Addition Elle is the punky younger sister. They have teamed up with several plus size bloggers (like Nicolette Mason or Nadia Aboulhosn) to bring incredible lines that are cute and cutting edge. I will go on record to say that their jeans (from the Love and Lace collection) are some of the best jeans I’ve been able to find, period. Great fit, different washes and they always hold their stretch. Best part: Addition Elle is always having different sales. Last time I went in, I got two pairs of jeans for the price of one.

Where do you shop for plus-size clothes? Let us know in the comment section.

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