8 plus size jewellery designers you need to have On Your Radar

8 plus size jewellery designers you need to have On Your Radar

When I talk to many of my friends, they have no idea how or why I might need accommodations (as a plus-size individual) with my jewelry. All my life, it’s been so hard to fit a ring onto my stubby little sausage fingers, that I thought that I would never find my Prince Charming.

But that thought process is just wrong.

The idea behind a plus-size jewelry line that offers items like necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and rings that not only fit, but also flatter plus sized figures, is needed. For example: necklaces sold in regular stores might not fall in the right spot on a plus-size individual. But on a necklace specifically designed for one’s body, chain lengths might be too long to fall comfortably.

Finally, retailers are finally catching onto the idea that different sizes of jewelry need to be made for different sizes of people, with places like Torrid and Additional Elle having their own plus size jewellery sections.

So where should you check out? Here are 8 of our favourite plus size jewellery designers.


plus size jewellery designers

The U.S. based OHME not only has different sizing for plus (yes!), but also features a bunch of cute feminist designs. One of my absolute faves are the Fat Babe hoop earrings, which remind me of a Ness Lee drawing.

Automic Gold

plus size jewellery designers

Queer-owned company Automic Gold proudly states that it is here to make “size-inclusive and body-positive” jewellery. The brand offers everything from earrings and bracelets, to necklaces, which are beautifully designed and offered in all types of gold. Someone stop me, cos I’m going to order one of everything right now.

Barbela Designs

 This jewelry designer based out of New York prides itself on offering customers custom sizing or chain lengths. The designs are classic, contemporary and will definitely capture anyone’s eye. I cannot get enough of some of the emerald earrings, which give me a total vintage feel.

Barbela Designs is a jewellery designer based out of New York that prides itself on offering customers custom sizing or chain lengths. The designs are classic, contemporary, and will definitely capture anyones eye. I cannot get enough of some of these emerald earrings, which give me a total vintage feel.

Monster Cliche

plus size jewellery designers

Monster Cliche is based out of Toronto, and you might know this brand for its fan-fiction enamel pin designs. But recently, it expanded to carrying earrings and a fat babe gold necklace on a 24-inch chain. I copped one for myself recently and I are OBSESSED!

Amadora Jewellery

plus size jewellery designers

I first spotted Sarah Taylor, body-positive trainer, modeling some of this jewelry and immediately I fell in love. Many of Amadora Jewellery‘s chains are adjustable, with her pieces featuring gemstones and jewels that having healing energy. That’s one way to carry the good vibes with you all day, right?

Nature’s Twist


Nature’s Twist is a business located in Seattle, Washington. The designs, by Megan and Alan Carlisle, are stunning and incorporate vintage designs, crystals, and pieces made with intention. Absolutely gorgeous.

Moon Magic Jewellery

Moon Magic Jewellery

A friend of mine recently got her first promise ring via Moon Magic. Much like me, she was worried about her large fingers and turned to this company for its custom sizing offerings. The results: out of this world. The best part? The designs are incredible, too.

Luttrell Studio

Luttrell Studio

I came across Luttrell Studio on Etsy, and I was so happy to support local. Based in Huntsville, the studio offers larger-sized chain lengths, for a fraction of the cost. The designs are understated and simple plus the cost? Just $16-70 + shipping.