8 Brunch Restaurants Open On New Year’s Day In Toronto

If you’re planning a big night out on New Year’s eve, you better be making brunch plans for New Year’s day.

If you’re planning a big night out on New Year’s eve, you better be making brunch plans for New Year’s day. While some restaurants close their doors for the holidays, others stay open with NYE hangovers in mind. Why make yourself food when you can lazily get out of bed and make your way over to one of these awesome places instead?

Here are 8 brunch restaurants open on New Years 2019 in Toronto. You’re welcome.

Pray Tell

brunch restaurants new years 219 toronto

From 11am to 3pm, you can enjoy Pray Tell’s brunch menu on January 1st. Choose from dishes like French toast topped with raspberries and hazelnuts, pork belly eggs Benedict, and salmon and eggs. You can also get sides of hash browns, a slice of French toast, or maple belly if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Lady Marmalade

brunch restaurants new years 2019 toronto

One of Toronto’s most-loved brunch restaurants, you’ll be happy to know Lady Marmalade is open for brunch until 3 pm on New Year’s day. Their menu boasts hangover-friendly plates like A.M. poutine made with home fries, huevo rancheritos, and cheddar and spinach waffles. And if you’re feeling an eggs Benedict, you can get their signature eggs benny or you can build your own.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

brunch restaurants new years 2019 toronto

From now to January 1st, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen hosts their 7 days of brunchmas where you can enjoy their brunch menu from 9am to 3pm every day. Keep in mind, there’s no reservations, but you can be sure it will be worth the wait. From their famous blueberry buttermilk pancakes, to the big brunch skillet with spicy pulled pork, black beans and potato hash with eggs sunny, it’s a brunch you don’t want to miss!

7 West Cafe

brunch restaurants new years 2019 toronto

Open 24/7 365 days a year, you can count on 7 West Cafe to be your NYE hangover cure. Depending on what you’re feeling the day of, you can opt for a ham and egg bagel, an omelette or a classic breakfast with eggs, home fries, sausage, and toast. And if you’re up for something more hearty, they have an array of pastas, pizzas, and sandwiches to enjoy all day.


The Good Fork

brunch restaurants new years 2019 toronto

If you’re into brunch dishes like red velvet pancakes, steak n’ duck eggs, and smoke salmon eggs benny, you’re going to want to head to The Good Fork on January 1st. Open until 3 pm, make your way over with a group of friends to reminisce about the night before. Oh, and they also have an epic caesar if you believe in the hair of the dog.


The Lakeview

brunch restaurants new years 2019 toronto

Serving up your favourite greasy meals all day long, The Lakeview is a Toronto classic. Choose from a Montreal bagel with butter, jam or peanut butter, freedom toast with peameal bacon, brie and havarti, eggs benny, and so much more. They have 24 hour brunch, so you can get your fix whenever you finally roll out of bed.


Dirty Food

brunch restaurants new years 2019 toronto

From 10am to 4pm, you can get Dirty Food’s “Hangover Brunch,” and as one of Toronto’s premiere brunch restaurants, would you really expect any less? All brunch items are served with fries, home fries, spicy fries or greens, and you have your pick of everything from chicken n’ waffles to fried green tomato grilled cheese.

The Hollandaise Diner

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The Hollandaise Diner knows how to do brunch, and luckily for us, they’re open from 9am to 3pm on New Year’s day. No surprise here, their menu is chock full of eggs bennies layered with their signature hollandaise sauce, plus other brunch favourites like pancakes, breakfast poutines and frittatas.

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