8 Organization Hacks And Useful Lessons To Tidy Your Place

8 Organization Hacks And Useful Lessons To Tidy Your Place

Who doesn’t love coming home to a clean and tidy home? Keeping your place organized can be very difficult, coming from someone who struggles with it herself. Living in tiny Toronto apartments makes it gets difficult to keep things uncluttered and organized. Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me to keep everything in order (without having to do too much extra work.)

1. Everything Has A Place

The Hack: Everything has a place, even your mail or lipstick.

Why You Should Try It: When everything has a place, it’s easy to clean up and easy to find items. I know where everything I own is inside my home, even which side of the drawer it’s in. For example, I keep my makeup in my makeup organizer next to my sink; extra toiletries are in a bin in the closet; loose papers/mail are in files in my nightstand; winter sweaters are in the basket at the top left of my closet. When you live in a tiny apartment, you don’t want to pile things in the corner. I also utilize ALL the space in the room. If there is an empty wall and nowhere to put my bags, put in wall hooks and hang them or use a coat hanger. My bed is on a bed frame that fits suitcases underneath, which store my summer clothes.

2. Clear Plastic Boxes

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The Hack: I use them in bathroom cabinets, my desk, and anywhere else I can. I have a variety of clear plastic boxes in different sizes to store things like extra soap, hair ties and clips, chapstick, pens, and highlighters. I use clear plastic boxes so I can see what’s inside. Use an index card with a list of the contents inside so you can read through the box.

Why You Should Try It: It’s important to have backups of everything so you never run out when you need it most. Avoid piling up those extras and having cabinets and desk drawers look junky. Organize your “extras” with like things together, to keep stock of supplies and access things when needed. Keep everything organzied in a way you’ll remember.

3. Rolled Shirts

The Hack: To keep more organized, after you fold your t-shirts, roll them up and place them side by side in the drawer. This process makes it easier to see what’s in your drawer and saves space.

Why You Should Try It: This prevents your having to pull everything out of the drawer to see what is underneath when you look for something to wear. It’s also asthetically pleasing! 

4. Glass Stacking

The Hack: Stack your glasses and bowls in your cabinet upside down to increase cabinet space

Why You Should Try It: Most apartment cabinets are tiny and there is never enough space so this creates a lot of extra room.

5. Off Season Clothing Swap

The Hack: Make sure to get a bed frame with lots of space underneath for storage. Then buy big plastic bins and store your off-season clothes in them. When the seasons change, I switch the clothes in my closet with the clothes in the bin.

Why You Should Try It: Most of us don’t have walk-in closets, so this is a perfect way to make extra space for your clothes. With more room in your closet, you can hang up everything and not leave them on the floor when picking out an outfit.

6. Shelf Layering

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The Hack: Put up racks within kitchen shelves to create layers of storage.

Why You Should Try It: This is a basic organizational hack but hanging extra shelves in your closet to create layers of shelving for sheets, sweatshirts, etc.

7. Constantly Purging Clutter

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The Hack: Purge everything constantly.

Why You Should Try It: Nothing is more annoying than being in a rush and not finding something in the clutter. The most practical way to avoid this is to constantly go through your things and throw out extra items. Keep only the necessities. If you haven’t worn something in a year, you’re probably not going to wear it again. 

8. Non-Typical Storage

The Hack: Utilize storage in a non-typical way. For example, use nice-looking baker shelving in a bedroom instead of the kitchen or a wine crate to store books!

Why You Should Try It: Creates more storage space while putting a unique touch to your room.

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What are other things you do to organize your home? Let us know in the comments!

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