6 Places to Shop for Home Décor on a Budget

When furnishing your home for the first time, shop at budget-friendly home décor retailers. Here’s our list of where to shop for home décor on a budget.

Moving into a new space can be exciting, liberating and a bit overwhelming – especially when you begin to add up all of the expenses! Decorating your new home is best done on a budget, especially when you’re making a lot of purchases all at once. When it comes to new home décor, you’ll often find that you either don’t have a defined style yet or that your finances limit your tastes. Therefore, when you’re furnishing your home for the first time, shop at budget-friendly home décor retailers.

Here’s our list of where to shop for home décor on a budget: 

Factory Direct

Factory Direct is your best bet for discounted electronics, outdoor items and miscellaneous, “As Seen on TV” products. This catchall for discounted home décor and appliances is pretty incredible. Factory Direct is the place to go for larger purchases when you’re not concerned about having the latest model but are looking to buy a brand that you recognize (think TVs, window air conditioners, and microwaves). Home Décor on a Budget Image via Cristina Avila


Have you checked out the home décor section at Walmart lately? Here you’ll find trendy, well-priced home décor and accessories specific to the season. We especially love Walmart’s private label brand hometrends for table accents that knock-off the likes of Urban Barn. Be warned: we’ve found that Walmart’s décor is not necessarily made to last. Furniture pieces should be purchased sparingly and to hold you over until you can invest in long-term pieces.

Real Canadian Superstore

If you’re a fan of President’s Choice products (food or otherwise), Real Canadian Superstore is here to serve all of your kitchen needs. We found that PC really delivers on quality and a great price point whether you’re buying anything from wine glasses to kitchen towels. You can find a bunch of PC home décor at Loblaw stores across the city, however, you’re going to get the largest variety of kitchen tools, appliances, and accessories when you visit a Real Canadian Superstore.

home decor on a budgetImage via Cristina Avila


With 20 locations across the GTA, JYSK is a great source for all things home organization. JYYK has amazing prices on all of those tedious but necessary, home storage solutions like hangers, shelving systems, baskets and shoe racks. While you can shop online, we recommend making a trip to one of their stores – not only will you save on shipping costs, but you can browse through the clearance sections unique to each location.   


Kijiji is a great source for purchasing unique art and collectibles on a budget. It’s amazing how many new and interesting items you can find for sale on Kijiji by just changing your keywords in the search bar. Often times, sellers are looking to get rid of items quickly so you can easily haggle them down by a few dollars off of their asking price. Tip: When contacting a seller, see if they’re interested in a product swap instead of cash. Offer up a trade of your oversized mirror in exchange for their dining room table and save yourself the cash.

Home Décor on a Budget Image via Cristina Avila


HomeSense is every homeowner’s guilty pleasure. The savings on home décor and accessories storewide can get a little out of hand when you start to justify purchasing every single item. Stick to the ends of each aisle for the clearance sections. Here you’ll find red stickered items that are reduced an additional 20-50% off the already low price. Tip: look out for damaged pieces marked “AS IS” on the sticker. If you’re crafty, you may be able to utilize these items for a DIY project, otherwise, be careful – these items can be dangerous with broken glass and sharp edges.

Where do you shop for home décor on a budget?

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