RRROLL UP THE RIM TO WIN season is here!  All over our fair nation, coffee lovers are giving their fingers and teeth a workout rolling rims left, right and centre. With so many people playing RTRTW, we thought we should lay out some ground rules so everyone knows how to properly Roll The Rim and keep your friends.

1) Don’t Roll Your Friend’s Rim
Half the fun of getting a RTRTW cup is the actual rolling process. Do not rob someone of their basic Canadian right to roll up their own rims. The only respectable situation where you roll up someone else rim, is if that person is a child. Even then, they should probably learn to roll their own rims if they want to remain a respectable member of Canadian society.

2) Don’t assume your prize is the only prize you can get!
Did you know that even if your rolled prize says coffee, most Tim Hortons will let you get an alternative beverage, donut or muffin instead? Someone has even told me that they rolled a free coffee into a free breakfast sandy. Sounds a little too good to be true, so I’m calling bullsh*t, but let us know if you’ve done it!

3) Do Not Call it a RIM JOB
Please people… RTRTW is a serious Canadian pastime. Please don’t sully it with your dirty mind…

4) Unrolled Rims in the Garbage are off limits
I have a feeling that if you polled Canadians and asked them the question, “Have you ever pulled a Roll Up The RIM TO WIN cup out of the garbage to roll the rim?” The percentage would be high. I mean, what are the chances that it’s going to be a million dollar cup? Probably not that high… What are the chances of someone seeing you rummaging through the garbage for coffee cups is much higher. Just don’t do it…

5) Whoever Rolls the Rim wins the rim.
This is why #1 is so important. The rules of finders keepers applies, so whoever rolls it stoles it!  Even if you bought your co-worker the coffee and they win the grand prize, unfortunately it’s theirs. Hopefully they are nice enough to share the winnings with you… If not they weren’t really your friend and you probably shouldn’t have been buying them coffee… You my friend, are a sucker!

6) Don’t Try to use your Roll Up Winnings at McDonald’s
The highly engaged staffed at Mcdicks do not find this funny. We’ve tried this and it just makes things awkward..

7) Have a safe spot for your Roll Up Winnings
The Roll up game is serious. People have been known to steal free coffee and donuts off people’s desks, so we suggest getting a specialized case to hold your winning rims. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy… Take out containers work, or find a secret spot like under your desk phone or in your computer’s CD slot (who uses that anyways?)

9) Use Up your Rollups.
Last year I thought I was being smart by saving up my winning rims I didn’t use.  Joke was on me though! TIMs changes the colours every year to keep cheapos like me on their toes.

10) Bring the Entire Cup With you if you Win! 

We’ve heard from RRROLL UP winners that some winning rims have been rejected because the PIN ( for verification) is on the opposite side of the cup – This really only matters if it’s a prize bigger than a coffee or donut.

11) If you already drive a 2016 Honda Civic , give it a break.
I mean honestly, who needs two 2016 Honda Civics?

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