A while back, we reported that Shoppers Drug Mart was interested in entering the medicinal Marijuana Distribution business. 

Well, it looks like the chain owned by Loblaw Companies LTD is taking their green quest a little further.  The Globe and Mail is reporting that Shoppers Drugmart has formally submitted an application to be a distributor of medicinal mary J.

The article by the Globe and Mail states that an email was sent to the news publication by a Shoppers Drug Mart spokesperson saying that the chain has applied to Health Canada to become a licensed medical marijuana producer with the intention of distributing the drug.

The interesting thing to note is that Shoppers Drug Mart says they actually have no intention on producing the drug, it is simply an administrative requirement necessary to distribute Marijuana in Canada.

The article also highlights the point that even if Shoppers’ application is approved, the chain will not be able to sell Marijuana in their stores unless the government changes the laws.

Currently, patients are only allowed to buy medical marijuana directly from licensed producers who distribute the product through mail.

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