Apple Introduces 60 Free In-Store Classes

Apple has recently announced that it will be adding almost 60 new classes to its range of free workshops called Today at Apple.
Apple Introduces 60 Free In-Store Classes

If you consider yourself a technophobe and only know how to use three apps on your phone, this news is for you.

Apple has recently announced that it will be adding almost 60 new classes to its range of free workshops called Today at Apple.

If you didn’t know, the tech giant holds workshops to help customers learn and take advantage of their Apple products. Some of these workshops will teach you how to take and edit photos and videos, create music, draw or paint using an iPad, and even how to use some design and coding apps on your iMac. These in-store workshops are completely free of charge and are available to anyone.


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This initiative is a part of Apple’s new strategy to turn their stores into learning centres where customers can try the latest products and software, as well as learn something new every day.

“The 60 new sessions fall into three broad categories: skills, walks and labs,” reports DailyHive. “Think of skills classes as the 101 courses in college and university: They’re meant for someone who is either new to Apple, looking to learn basic skills, or coming into a new passion, whether that’s sketching using an Apple pencil, or drumming in GarageBand.”

The “walks” section offers customers to go outside and use Apple devices in real-life conditions (to take photos or even record a video.) All classes are led by Apple experts.

The last category “lab” offers the most advanced sessions created in collaboration with celebrities, such as music producer Swizz Beatz and Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. These sessions are 90-minutes long.

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Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s vice president of retail and author of these classes, is sure that her idea will help unlock people’s creativity and build a community.

“If it’s the camera, we teach you photography. We have an app store so why shouldn’t we teach you to code – how to create apps – so someday you could have an app [in the] store? Apple Music – why shouldn’t we teach you how to use GarageBand and how so someday you can be a musician, and someday you could be on Apple Music,” said Ahrendts.

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