9 Secrets About The Apple Store Revealed By Employees

Former employees were able to give us the full scoop on everything there is to know about shopping and even working at Apple. 
9 Secrets About The Apple Store Revealed By Employees

Apple is a multi-billion dollar company, with over five hundred store locations. That means there’s probably a lot of things that we don’t know.

Luckily, former employees were able to give us the full scoop on everything there is to know about shopping and even working at Apple

It’s really hard to get hired by Apple

Unsurprisingly enough, Apple’s hiring process is a bit of an intense one. They have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard. So, if you’re planning on applying, you better make sure your resume is top-notch.

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The employee benefits are awesome

Although the pay isn’t amazing, their benefits package certainly is. Employees receive part-time health benefits, $100 a month for commuting to work, 201K match, and an employee discount on all products.

Employees aren’t allowed to talk about their job on social media

Apparently taking pictures in the Apple work uniform is a big no-no, and because of this, a few people started up an underground, anonymous Apple staff Twitter account called “Genius Bar Tales”, where they can go to vent their frustrations. The account now has over 13K followers.

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The employees can see the comments you leave on surveys

If you decide to fill out the online survey about your in-store experience, the employee that helped you will get a chance to read it — so tread lightly.

Certain words are off-limits to sales employees

For example, instead of telling a customer “I don’t know”, they would have to say “Let’s find out together” instead. Or, instead of saying “unfortunately”, they would swap that for “as it turns out”. They are also not allowed to point at products, or at screens when they’re trying to indicate something to a customer. They must use a pen or a pointy object as an extension of their hand.

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All apple headphones and chargers are covered under a one-year warranty

Apple headphones and chargers have a tendency to fall apart quite quickly. But at least if it’s within the first year of purchase, you can return them for ones in mint condition.

You can self-checkout at the store

This not-so-well-known feature could really come in handy. Considering the Apple store is almost always flooded with people, making it almost impossible to get the attention of an employee, and check out your items in under 20 minutes. Using the Apple store app, you can scan the barcode and pay through your Apple ID. The downside to this feature is that it’s only available for smaller less expensive items, like headphones and other accessories.

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Every store has free workshops

Every day Apple holds workshops to help customers learn and take full advantage of their Apple products. For example, things like how to draw or paint using an iPad, how to edit photos on an iPhone, and how to edit videos on a Mac. These workshops are free of charge, and you can attend as many as you want, as frequently as you want.

Everyone can get a student discount

In store, you will only be able to get a student discount if you can prove you’re a student by showing your student ID. However, if you make an online purchase, you won’t be asked for any type of verification. So, you can lie to your heart’s content.

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