10 Things Every IKEA Shopper Should Know

Hidden offerings, insider secrets and the ultimate savings… we’ve rounded up the 10 things every IKEA shopper needs to know.

At StyleDemocracy, we know shopping! We deliver the scoop on all things retail related including how to get the best value at your favourite stores. Hidden offerings, insider secrets and the ultimate savings… We’ve rounded up the 10 things every IKEA shopper needs to know. Keep reading for the top tips for shopping at IKEA.

Never Shop Without a List

It is very easy to get carried away while browsing through the IKEA Showroom. The well-curated displays will have you thinking that you need to purchase unnecessary items; this can easily cause you to overspend and blow your budget. Use the IKEA website to your full advantage before making a trip into the store. Place all of the items that you are planning on buying into your online shopping cart and print a copy of the web page to use as your shopping list in-store.

Do the Prep Work

The IKEA website is a great resource for saving you time during your shopping trip. Before you head out, confirm each item’s availability at the store you are planning to visit using the “Check Stock at Your Local Store” feature. Also, be sure to double-check the package sizes of each item you are planning to purchase in order to confirm that the boxes will fit in your vehicle – See “Package Measurements and Weight” listed under Product Information.

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Image: Cristina Avila

Know Your Store’s Layout

Every IKEA location is a bit different. Before you begin shopping, snap a photo of the location’s map so that you have easy access to the store layout while you shop. Note – you’re not required to follow the recommended path through IKEA, look out for narrow entrances hidden in corners that allow you to skip over entire departments, making your trip much more efficient.

Shop the Store Backwards

Skip the IKEA Showroom and Market Hall completely by heading straight for the IKEA Warehouse. Save time by entering at the store’s checkout area and working backwards to pick-up the exact items you need without any distractions.

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Image: Cristina Avila

Shop in Pairs

It’s best to tackle a trip to IKEA with a buddy. Shopping with a friend will really come in handy when you need assistance lifting heavy boxes, steering the shopping cart and double checking products SKUs when in the Warehouse.

The Best Times to Shop & Make Returns

The best times to shop at IKEA are weekday mornings and afternoons. If possible, forego shopping during August and September to avoid the rush of students stocking up on dorm room furniture. When making returns, head to IKEA as early as possible on a weekday. The return area works on an electronic ticket system (similar to a deli), where return types are broken up into different priority lines so you might be waiting a while.

The “As Is” Section is a Gold Mine

On your way to the checkout, be sure to sneak a peek at the “AS IS” department in IKEA. All items here are sold at a discount and come already assembled which is an even bigger bonus!

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Image: Cristina Avila

Sign Up for the IKEA Family Card

The IKEA Family Card is a free loyalty program great for frequent IKEA shoppers. Sign up today to receive perks like access to the Sell-Back Program and first access to exclusive in-store events.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Avoid splurging at IKEA on added costs like home delivery service and in-home assembly. Toronto residents can hitch a free ride on IKEA’s Shuttle Bus to and from the Etobicoke location.  If you’re not interested in assembling your own IKEA furniture, you can find a ton of assembled IKEA furniture for sale during the summer months on online classified sites like Kijiji. We also recommend using Ask for Task to have someone locally help you assemble and install pieces in your home for a small fee.

Know Your Tools

Regardless of an item’s instruction manual, always have some basic tools on hand to support the assembly of your IKEA purchase. After the assembly is complete, it’s a good idea to hold onto any leftover materials just in case your next furniture item is missing parts.

Do you agree with our list of the 10 things every IKEA shopper needs to know? What would you add?

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