7 Home Decor Items To Cozy Up Your Living Space

7 Home Decor Items To Cozy Up Your Living Space

Your home is where you probably spend most, if not most, still a substantial amount of your time. Therefore, creating an environment where you can rest, recoup, and well, feel at home is so important. It’s really a form of self-care if you think about it! Whether your space is a living room or a bedroom, any space can become cozy with the help of some simple home decor additions. It’s amazing how some decor items can instantly change the entire feeling of a space. If you’re looking to cozy up your living space, we’re here to help!

Check out these home decor items that will instantly make your living space 10x cozier!

FENOMEN Unscented block candle, set of 5, natural

FENOMEN Unscented block candle, set of 5, natural

If you ask us, you can never have too many candles. (As long as you’re burning them responsibly, obviously). Adding as many candles as aesthetically possible instantly creates a cozier living space with the warm flicker of lights all around. Choose a few of your favourite scents to rotate between, and have the rest be scentless so you don’t have an overwhelming aroma in your space, and you’re set! Mixing and matching sizes also creates a nice balance. 

$14.99 at IKEA
UGG® Throw Blanket Collection

UGG® Throw Blanket Collection

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a large, soft blanket at the end of the day. Simply throwing a blanket on your couch loosely and not folded, makes the space feel warm and inviting. Not only does UGG create some of the coziest shoes ever, but it also has a Throw Blanket Collection! Which we can expect to be just as cozy. 

$84.98 at Bed Bath & Beyond
ILIANA floor lamp with marble base 150 cm height

ILIANA floor lamp with marble base 150 cm height

Warm lighting is everything when creating a cozy living space. Instead of having an overhead light on, invest in some lamps so light comes from different spots of the room creating an ambiance of light. An extra tip: Instead of using traditional light bulbs, you can purchase Philips Hue Bulbs so you can pick any colour you want the light in the room to be. From soft white to the colours of the rainbow, depending on your mood. 

$139 at Structube
Bouclé Wool-Style Cushion

Bouclé Wool-Style Cushion

A couch without some throw pillows is like a bed without a blanket. Simply, not cozy. Any couch can instantly be elevated and stylized with the simple help of some couch cushions. This Wool-Style Cushion from Simons Maison looks so soft and comfy. A couple of these sitting on your couch will not only look super chic, but serves functional purpose.

$45 at Simons
Etsy - Wall Art

Etsy – Wall Art

There is truly nothing that makes a living space cozier than individualizing it to feel like home. Having art that you enjoy up on the walls is something that can easily be overlooked, however, it’s such an effective and easy way to make your home more you. While adding some colour and personality to a room. We love finding cool prints on Etsy for our home decor!

$14.61 at Etsy
Seagrass Basket

Seagrass Basket

Having a basket full of blankets perfectly spilling out not only creates a perfect piece of decor in your living space but also allows you and your guests to grab a blanket within arm’s reach to snuggle up in. Plus – the basket itself adds some warmth to a space with its natural seagrass construction.

H&M - Plant Pot

H&M – Plant Pot

Every space needs a little bit of life! Enter, foliage. Having an array of leafy greens throughout a room seems to have the most “homey” feeling, if you struggle to keep plants alive, a simple cactus will even add some life into your space and they barely need any attention! We love the added texture of this Plant Pot from H&M

$39.99 at H&M

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