5 Places To Buy Unique Engagement Rings In Toronto

If you’re planning on popping the question this holiday season and feeling stuck on where to go, we’ve rounded up the 5 best places to buy unique engagement rings in Toronto.

The holidays are fast approaching and it is one of the most popular times of year to get engaged! Magic is in the air and something about the holiday season that brings out the romance. We tend to spend time with our families over the holidays too, which explains why so many couples want to get engaged this time of year when they can share it with everyone.

Every love story is unique, so if you plan on popping the question this holiday season, why not get her an equally unique and beautiful ring?

If you’re feeling stuck on where to go, we’re rounding up the 5 best places to buy unique engagement rings in Toronto!

Made You Look

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Established in 2001, Made You Look sells pieces from over 100 local Toronto jewellery designers. They offer a wide selection of beautiful high-end jewellery, including engagement rings. There is a large studio attached to their shop where 20 self-employed jewellery designers make their pieces. This way you can browse the selection in store but also interact with the jewellers who made the piece you are interested in to learn more about it. Whether you are looking for something bold, modern, fun, feminine, or antique, you will definitely find a ring to suit her style at Made You Look, as they have a very wide selection of unique engagement rings.

Ring Come True

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Ring Come True is the perfect place to shop if you want a unique engagement ring that isn’t going to break the bank. The rings at here are made with a gemstone called moissanite instead of the traditional diamond we normally associate with engagement rings. Moissanites actually display more brilliance than a diamond and they are quite durable.

All of the rings at Ring Come True are custom to order so you are sure to get the ring of your dreams! You get to be involved in the creation process, which makes the whole experience extra special. Ring Come True is the ideal location if you have a very specific idea in mind, or are looking for a truly stunning engagement ring that isn’t outrageously priced. While she’s going to love any ring you’ve picked out, this ring will mean that much more because you helped design it.

Bread and Circus

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At Bread and Circus, they believe in the sentimentality of the jewellery we wear, which is especially true when it comes to engagement rings. Every piece at Bread and Circus is carefully constructed and is one of a kind. Over 90% of their jewellery is made from recycled material and every single stone they use is ethically sourced. Because of this, no two pieces are ever absolutely identical. So, your engagement ring will be truly unique and special to your love story. If you’re looking for a delicate, one of a kind engagement ring, Bread and Circus Jewellery is definitely the way to go.

Studio 1098

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Studio 1098 is a small boutique that offers a wide selection of designs inspired by vintage and antique jewellery. If you’re looking for a timeless ring that looks classic or want to create your own, Studio 1098 can help! They work with you to create the ring of your dreams and help you stay within your budget.

Livia Diamonds


Another great place to create a custom engagement ring is Livia Diamonds. Here, you will work with them to choose the ring style and diamond within your budget to create a truly perfect ring! You can also add other gemstones, such as her birthstone, or have the ring engraved to make it that much more special. If you have a very specific idea in mind, Livia Diamonds makes a great choice.

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