A Toronto Distillery Is Producing Hand Sanitizer Instead Of Booze

With COVID-19 being extremely real, it’s important to stay home and not interact closely with others. Even if you’re staying at home, it’s crucial that you wash your hands often and using hand sanitizer if you’re on the go at the grocery store picking up essentials.

Local Toronto distillery, Spirit of York has announced that it has started creating hand sanitizer instead of producing its normal supply of vodka, gin, and whisky.


“Hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity throughout the Greater Toronto Area,” the business said in a release. “Spirit of York, which operates out of the Distillery District in Toronto, is working to combat this shortage by using the alcohol from their facilities to produce an alcohol-based hand sanitizer solution.”

The distillery, which is located in the Distillery District of Toronto, also adds that its sanitizer will meet the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Spirit of York’s hand sanitizer will be priced incredibly fairly at $2.95 each and all proceeds will be donated to local food banks. However, for those who are unable to afford it, or over the age of 65, the distillery’s hand sanitizer will be completely free.


“As a company, we have always maintained a focus on the spirit of community and giving back,” Gerry Guitor, Founder of Spirit of York said. “Now that we are in our greatest hour of need, we have been working hard to find new ways to give back. Using our facilities to produce hand sanitizer seemed like a perfect way to support the public while also giving back to more vulnerable communities.”

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