10 Of The Best Brow Bars To Check Out In Toronto

Toronto is jam-packed with brow gems across the city for all your eyebrow needs. Check out our list of the best brow bars in the city.
10 Of The Best Brow Bars To Check Out In Toronto

Let’s face it, your eyebrows can make or break your face and when they’re on point, people take notice. But not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with perfect brows. Luckily Toronto is jam-packed with brow bars across the city for all your eyebrow needs. Whether your brows are in need of a bit of colour or are too wild to tame with tweezers, the experts at these specialty grooming shops can help you reach your brow goals in just a few appointments. From waxing and threading, to tinting and shaping, you’re sure to find a beauty boutique in the city to meet your needs.

Here are our picks for 10 of the best brow bars in Toronto.

Eye Love Beauty Bar

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988 Queen Street West

The pros at Eye Love Beauty Bar understand the importance of a strong brow game. This trendy brow bar recently moved but the quality and precision is definitely still there. Choose from brow tinting and shaping, to touch-ups and microblading.

Gee Beauty

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2 Roxborough Street West

This Rosedale gem has everything you need for a good brow pampering sesh. Between its all-white aesthetic and endless amount of colourful products, Gee Beauty has Toronto’s beauty babes flocking to it. Plus, we can’t forget to mention all of the on-point brow services like microblading, threading, consultations, tinting, and more.

Rebel + Beauty

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1300 Bay Street, Lower Level 2

Intimate brow bar, Rebel + Beauty has a team of amazing brow artists, one of them being the founder and owner Olga Onulov, that are entirely dedicated to your every brow need. Plus, the salon offer free consultations and brow parties, so gather your closest gal pals and head here for your next girls night out.

The Brow House

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80 Scollard Street

As one of the first concept salons for brows in Toronto, The Brow House is all about perfecting your arches. Before the plucking begins, your consultant here will take you through a Q&A so he or she can get to know your brows. Services here consist of brow henna, microblading, and tinting, to name a few.

Benefit Boutique

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2614 Yonge Street

Benefit Cosmetics is a well-known name in the world of beauty, especially when it comes to eyebrows. The brand offers all the powders, pencils, and gels one needs to turn their brows from scruffy to sleek, but makeup can’t remedy stray hairs or uneven arches and that’s where the Benefit BrowBar comes into play. The uptown shop offers tweezing, tinting, waxing, and threading options.

MYNC Beauty

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2596 Yonge Street, 25 Bellair Street, 282 Queen Street West

If you are in a rush but don’t want to sacrifice quality, head over to one of the MYNC Beauty locations in Toronto. MYNC offers all the staple services such as shaping, tinting, and lightening plus this salon can manicure eyebrows to perfection in about 20 minutes. The aestheticians here also offer “Bro Jobs” for guys with unruly facial hair.

Winks Boutique

brow bars toronto

89 Bloor Street West

Winks Boutique knows that nothing frames your face like a pair of good eyebrows. Instead of simply tinting to make them more prominent, Winks offers an eyebrow extension treatment that uses synthetic mink hairs and glue to provide you with Lily-Collins-worthy arches. Talk about having some serious brow game!

Dreamy Beauty Bar

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717 Queen Street East

Leslieville – and its western cousin Riverside – have no shortage of wax bars that offer high-quality hair removal services. However, if you want your aesthetician to be more brow-oriented, head to Dreamy Beauty Bar. The boutique offers consultations, waxing, full and partial tinting, and microblading.

B. Beautiful Beauty

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402 Eglinton Avenue West

Regardless of what shape your brows are in (literally), all around brow and eyelash guru Brittni has you covered at B. Beautiful Beauty that’s located on Eglinton West. The services offered here range from waxing, threading, brow tinting, and even showing those who overplucked how to shape their brows back to perfection.

Tips Nail Bar

brow bars toronto

848 Danforth Avenue, or 1243 Dundas Street West

Even though Tips Nail Bar is well known for its pristine manicures, pedicures, and of course, nail art, if you need some help in the brow department, this should be one of your go-to’s. Get your mani and pedi, but then stay for a masterful eyebrow threading or wax. Sick of filling in your brows? You can even get your eyebrows microbladed here, as well.

Featured image: Instagram/@benefitcanada

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