IMG Signs First Male Plus Size Model

IMG is making waves in the modelling industry by signing one of the very first male plus size models, Zach Miko.

IMG is making waves in the modelling industry by signing one of the very first male plus size models, Zach Miko. Coming in at a towering height of six foot six, Zach is all brawn and is the first of the modelling agency’s new male plus size division. IMG already reps plus size model,  Ashley Graham, who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated this year so it’s about time that they start being more inclusive for men of different sizes too.

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Discovered on Instagram and emailed directly by IMG to setup a meeting with Ivan Bart, President of the agency, Zach had to “reread the e-mail several times to totally believe that IMG was contacting,” him. After discussing the agency’s vision of diversity and having followed Ashley Graham’s career closely, Zach said he knew that this wasn’t just a money grab for a headlining story, but that IMG truly had big plans for him.

Zach never in a million years saw himself modelling, but after being featured on Target’s e-commerce site, the big and tall model is definitely going places, or should we say “brawn model.” One thing that is already changing in the industry are the terms we use to describe models of a different size, brawn being one of them. Zach told Women’s Wear Daily, “We’ve gotten to a point where fat is an insult and skinny is a compliment. Using terms like “brawn” and “curvy” change the connotation and celebrate these descriptions.”

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The fashion industry still has a lot of catching up to do though, as retailers still don’t accurately represent this market of people. The average male waist size in America is a 39, yet many stores only carry up to a size 36. Accounting for this untapped market will be the next big step as being able to try things on in-store, rather then order online, and being able to ask your friends, “does this look good on me?” is sadly something missing from many men’s lives.

Men are beginning to care more and more about appearances and expressing themselves through a means of fashion and the industry needs to start reflecting that from every angle. That being said, IMG signing Zach is a substantial victory and will hopefully open up the menswear market to more diversity!

What are you thoughts on male plus size models? Would you like to see more brawn and curvy models?

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Featured image via @zachmiko