How to Shop the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale like a Pro

If you’re a new comer to warehouse sales or a seasoned pro, we think you’ll appreciate these warehouse sale shopping tips.
If you're a new comer to warehouse sales or a seasoned pro, we think you'll appreciate these warehouse sale shopping tips.

Can you believe StyleDemocracy has been running your favourite warehouse sales for over 12-years? Neither can we! It’s safe to say, we know our stuff, especially when it comes to shopping. If you’re a new comer to warehouse sales or a seasoned pro, we think you’ll appreciate these warehouse sale shopping tips. Here are our tricks on how to shop the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale like a pro:

Leave your schedule open

If you’ve ever been to a warehouse sale, you know how big the sale floor is. It’s best to save your shopping for when you’ve got a few hours to spare. Trust us, you’ll definitely need it!

The sale is separated into seven sections: menswear, womenswear, footwear, high-end designer, accessories, childrenswear and children’s footwear. Warehouse sale pros leave themselves at least half an hour to an hour to hunt through each desired section. You might need to dig to find the good stuff but when you do, you’ll be happy you called in sick to work.

Choose your friends wisely

You’re only as strong as your weakest link so only bring your friends that actually want to shop, especially if you plan on spending a few hours at the sale. Like we said earlier, there’s a lot of ground to cover so a friend that’s nagging you to go home is no friend to have at the sale.

Children are welcomed at the sale but please keep your eye on them! The sale can be a big scary place for little tykes. Pets, as cute as they may be, must stay at home.

Choose your time wisely

Warehouse Sale pros know that there’s a science to shopping the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale. There are times of the day that are extremely busy, quiet, clean or messy.

Come in the morning or early afternoon (10:00 am to 12:00 pm) if you’d like to shop the sale when product is the most organized. The mornings are also one of the busiest times to shop, especially on opening day or the weekend.

Come in the late afternoon (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm) if you hate crowds and like to shop in peace. Most people will be at work, so the warehouse sale will calmer and quieter.

Come in the late evening (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm) if you don’t mind rummaging through a little mess. The staff will most likely be replenishing stock for the next day so if you’re lucky, you might find something that hasn’t hit the floor yet.

Come the very last day (Monday, March 28th) if you’re looking for big bargains. Prices will most likely be lowered to clear as much product as possible, just keep in mind that if you wait to long, the ‘good’ stuff might already be gone.

Don’t come on an empty stomach

Shopping and hunger simply don’t mix. Have you ever heard of the term, hangry? An empty stomach mixed with the adrenaline rush of shopping designer deals doesn’t look good on anyone. Be sure to scarf down a meal or pocket a couple of granola bars before you shop the sale. You’ll thank us (and so will your shopping buddies).

Come with a budget

It’s easy to get out of hand at a warehouse sale. Your budget goes out the window when you see those shirts you sort-of like for only $7 or those shoes that are a size too small but are super cute.

The best way to avoid buyer’s remorse is to come with a set budget in mind. For example, you’re only going to buy one item from the designer room and 5 items off the sales floor.

Come with an open mind

Warehouse Sale pros know to come with an open mind. Though you might not find exactly what you’re looking for, you could find the next best thing. Keep your eyes open and don’t get your hopes up if you don’t find the black shoes with the white laces, a 2.5 inch sole and a do-dad-ma-jig that you’ve had your heart set on for months.

Keep an eye on your personal belongings

Things can get pretty hectic at the sale. Make sure to keep an eye on your personal belongings if you take them off to try on an item. Warehouse sale shoppers are used to rooting through big piles of things and sometimes, the thing they pick up is not from the sale but a personal belonging of yours. StyleDemocracy is not responsible for lost items so please, have a friend hold onto your things or keep a close eye on your belongings.

Dress appropriately

We can’t stress this enough.

Don’t come wearing a big puffy jacket that you’ll have to lug around for the hours, lots of layers that’ll make trying on clothes difficult or uncomfortable heels that squeeze your feet. Heavy makeup that will come off when trying clothing.

Do come wearing underwear that you feel comfortable in because you’ll be getting down to your skivvies in same sex change rooms, light clothing so that you can skip the change room line and try on your items (sweaters or jackets) on the sale floor and shoes you’d be comfortable running around in (because you’ll definitely be doing a lot of that). If you’re bringing a purse, bring something small like a side satchel for easy movement.

Head to the designer section first

If you’re planning on shopping the designer section, it’s best to head there first. Due to security, all red shopping bags must be left outside the designer section meaning you’ll have to ditch your finds at the entrance. Our security will watch over the red shopping bags but it would be a shame if you forgot about them!

Save the shoes and accessories last

Warehouse Sale pros know to do this. Shoes are easily the heaviest items to lug around and though you might want the arm workout, your body will regret it tomorrow. As for accessories, it’s best to do them last because you won’t be allowed to bring them into the change room.

Make more than one trip

Since we receive between 60,000 and 100,000 pieces of inventory for each warehouse sale and it’s impossible to put it on the floor all at once, expect each time you visit the sale to be different! There are boxes in the back that haven’t even been opened yet meaning, you never know what we’ll put out. We suggest coming back to the sale a few times to explore your options and get the best merchandise.

Do you have any other tips on how to shop the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale like a pro?

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