Shop Spotlight: Dutil Denim

Shopcaster Announces Canada Wide -E- Commerce, Dutil has implanted itself on Queen West and is quickly becoming THE place to shop for jeans in Toronto. Manager Kaitlin Churcher describes the store as  a “one stop destination for denim, we wanted to go with the vibe that we are a cool store, but not pretentious in nature. Denim transcends so many socio-economic levels, so we try to make it comfortable for everyone.” Essentially, you get the cool Queen West brands, the cool Queen West atmosphere, but the sales people won’t be too “cool” to help you snag an awesome pair of jeans.

Talk about fabulous brands, they’ve got them all! Naked & Famous, ACNE, Telleson, Levi’s, Rogue Territory and more can all be found lining the beautifully curated store. What’s truly awesome is that they carry quite a few Canadian brands, making it easier to access some of our nations best fashion exports. They even make their own jeans! If you head in the store check out their Dutil label, we were impressed by the quality and the cut.

Look for Dutil’s upcoming collaboration with Rogue Territory X IDC coming out soon, and next time you find yourself around Queen and Bathurst, pop in and say hi to Dutil’s friendly staff, you won’t be disappointed.