Toronto is getting a Japanese hot spring by the lake, and while no it is not a natural volcanic occurrence, it is actually part of an art installation. The hot spring inspired installation called “I See You Asjiyu” is by Asuka Kono and Rachel Salmela, which is part of the Winter Stations Design Competition.

In its third year, Winter Stations is an international design competition which brings temporary public art installations to The Beaches, celebrating Toronto’s winter waterfront landscape. The competition is open internationally, welcoming artists, designers, architects and landscape architects to submit concept proposals for Winter Stations’ temporary artwork installations which will include up to six lifeguard stands. The exhibition is to run from February 20 until March 27, 2017.

Some eye-popping installations to look out for are “Beacon” by Joao Araujo Sousa and Joanna Correia Silva of Portugal, which features a giant cone shooting light into the sky, as well as North by studio PERCH of Montreal which features a small plot of evergreens upside down.

Who is planning to visit the Japanese hot spring at Winter Stations?

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