11 of the Ugliest (and Most Expensive) Shoes on the Market Right Now

There are a lot of shoes that have us thinking, WTF. These are the ugliest (and most expensive shoes) on the market right now.
11 of the Ugliest (and Most Expensive) Shoes on the Market Right Now

Gucci may be using memes to sell their latest collection but the internet’s latest reaction to the luxury label’s Sock Heel doesn’t have us sold.

Cosmopolitan featured a stream of Tweets bashing and making fun of the Gucci disaster. Interestingly, I think what partially makes the Gucci Sock Heel and other designers’ shoes ugly is the price – it’s one thing to be an ugly shoe but to have an astronomical price as well, well that makes that same shoe a joke.

Below we’ve compiled a roundup of some of the ugliest (and most expensive) shoes on the market right now. 

ugly shoes
Boots by Balenciaga (Image: REX Shutterstock)

Who: Balenciaga
What: Spring 2017 Square Toe Thigh High Boots
How Much: $1,895.00 US

I actually like these boots but when shown to a friend of mine, the friend laughed non-stop, going on to say how much she hates them and that if she ever saw someone wearing them in public she would start quacking like a duck for every step they took. 

ugly shoes
Shoes by Gucci (Image: Saks Fifth Avenue)

Who: Gucci
What: Queercore Brogue Knee Boot
How Much: $1,890.00 US or $2,140.00 CAN

I feel like these boots could have potential but the execution just isn’t there. They look like something Wednesday Adams or Matilda would wear.

ugly shoes
Gucci Loafers (Image: Gucci)

Who: Gucci
What: Princetown Slipper
How Much: $840.00 US or $1,005.00 CAN

I think it is so sad that the Gucci Princetown fur loafers for both men and women are a thing. Without fur? They look funky and quirky, but the fur doesn’t even look real – it looks like Donald Trump’s hair! Gucci really must have saved cutting corners and feeding what looks like rat fur to trend-obsessed consumers.

ugly shoes
Margiela Boots (Image: The Rosenrot)

Who: Margiela
What: Tabi Boots
How Much: $1,130.00 CAN

These have been around for some time, and to be frank I’ve hated them since laying eyes on them. While they take their inspiration from Japanese tabi which are socks worn with sandals that feature straps that go between your big two and your second toe, they just don’t have the same archaic and cultural charm. This boot reminds me of pig feet, goat feet, camel toes, and just any ungulate in general. They are currently available in black on SSense.com for $1,130.00CAN.

Barefoot Finger Sneakers (Image: Vibram)

Who: Vibram
What: Fivefinger Barefoot Shoes
How Much: $130.00 CAN

How absurd… GQ said it best when they wrote, “We always knew Vibram’s toe-shoes were creepy and ugly, but now we know they’re sinful in other ways, too. The shoemaker recently settled a class-action lawsuit for $3.75 million stemming from claims that their gross shoes for chimpanzees “reduce foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles.” Again, how absurd.

ugly shoes
Christopher Kane Crocs (Image: Selfridges)

Who: Christopher Kane
What: Crocs stone-embellished rubber sandals
How Much: 385.00 CAN

So apparently Christopher Kane teamed up with Crocs and I’m just finding out about this and laughing so much. Less at the final product that is the brood of the collaboration and more at the price of the product from this collaboration. $385.00CAN for rubber Crocs?! I don’t care if Victoria Beckham and Rihanna both wore them together enjoying splashes of champagne in St Barths on a super yacht – and that’s $385.00 CAN on sale, for rubber. No, thanks. 

ugly shoes
Marni Boot (Image: SSense)

Who: Marni
What: Black Velcro Platform High-Top Sneakers
How Much: $1,190.00 CAN

I don’t know if it’s the price that’s outrageous or the shoe itself that is actually outrageous? Shockingly, when considering the price, the entire shoe is comprised of man-made fabrics, which seemingly doesn’t exemplify a state of being luxurious. Appalling.

ugly shoes
Prada Sandals (Image: Prada)

Who: Prada
What: Satin Sandal
How Much: $990.00 US

Miuccia Prada, you’re wild for these. 

ugly shoes
Moschino Pumps (Image: LuisaviaRoma)

Who: Moschino
What: Embroidered leather pumps 
How Much: $1,745.00 CAN

Unless it is a themed party and you have $1,745.00 CAN to toss on some clownish clogs, let’s stay away from these. Weird.

ugly shoes
Dolce & Gabbana (Image: Luisaviaroma)

Who: Dolce & Gabbana
What: Pineapple Clog
How Much: $2,791.00 CAN

I like pineapple but not this much. Fun fact: When you eat pineapple, it’s eating you. Apparently, the acid of pineapple is quite strong. Who else remembers the French speaking pineapple L’ananas that helped teach us speak French in grade 4? 

ugly shoes
Balenciaga (Image: Net-a-Porter)

Who: Balenciaga
What: Thigh High Clog
How Much:  $2,145.00 US

Balenciaga as a brand is very hit and miss – some collections are a total hit and others are a total miss. While some shoes from this collection were epic, this clog boot is straight clownish, and for those who don’t want the thigh high version, there’s an ankle one too available on Net-A-Porter. #SurgicalMaskEmoji

Are there any other ugly shoes that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comment section.

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