Here’s Why Toronto is Expensive AF

Living in Toronto has a ton of perks, but they sure do come with a price! Here’s our roundup of all the fees that increased for Torontonians in 2017.

Living in Toronto sure has its perks: convenient transit options, easy access to the trendiest food and entertainment, plus some totally Instagram-worthy views! No doubt that there’s a ton of fun to be had living in Canada’s most densely populated city, however having access to Toronto’s amenities and hotspots sure does come with a price. Toronto is an expensive city to live in! Here’s our roundup of all the fees that increased for Torontonians in 2017.

Transit Fees

Is the TTC really ‘the better way’? With a 10-cent increase to the cost of a token and PRESTO e-purse, as well as a $4.75 increase to the cost of a Metropass, the expense of riding Toronto’s public transit system is quickly climbing. The fees for Torontonians to purchase a Day Pass and a Downtown Express Sticker have also increased to $12.50 and $43.00 respectively in 2017. uberPOOL anyone?

Tuition Fees

Attempting to live and go to school in Toronto? Try harder! Post-secondary tuition fees in Ontario are the highest in the country, averaging over $6,000 annually for an arts and science University degree. While a new ‘free tuition plan’ announced last year will encourage more low-income and mature students to attend post-secondary, all students can expect an increase in tuition fees of 3% each year over the next two years.

Water and Garbage Fees

Because you weren’t paying enough already… Toronto homeowners now can expect to pay an average of 5% more for water in 2017 and 2% more for garbage pick-up. On top of this, there’s a new $8 annual surcharge for the removal of metal and oversized garbage items, whether you use the service or not. Therefore, do some Spring Cleaning and make use of this new fee to purge your home.

Patio Fees

Toronto restaurants, bars and cafes are outraged over the new fee being proposed for patios. There’s a new city staff proposal under consideration to dramatically boost the cost of operating outdoor spaces to eat and drink. The proposed fee structure — involving hikes, in some cases, of more than 1,000 per cent for the use of public property, which vary depending on where in Toronto the patio is located.

How does this affect Toronto residents? Expect to see fewer outdoor spaces to enjoy a drink next summer. Cheers!

Do think that Toronto is an expensive city to live in?

(Images via Instagram: jiechxn)